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So more modern studies have suggested that raptors (aka: dromaeosaurs) didn’t hunt in packs. This due to there behavior not matching up with there modern relatives, very few to almost no raptor packs have every been found, and evidence has suggested they ate different things during stages over there life.

But what you guys think

    • Yes they did hunt in packs
    • No they didn’t hunt in packs
    • I don’t care it looks cool

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Is the second one meant to be No they didn’t hunt in packs?

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In real life I don’t remember them hunting together, I will do more research …

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Ya I fixed it

I feel like if they did hunt in packs I imagine it could be like cheetahs: males hunting in coalitions and females hunting alone

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There’s no option for “opportunistic pack hunters,” so as a generalization, I’m choosing “no.”

That’s something I’ve also thought about but my problem really is the size difference

you mean the “sexual dimorphism” in raptors

For example I can by velociraptor hunting packs most animals where it lived weren’t that much bigger than it and it could be fiesable that packs were common in order to assure successful kills

But like take deinonychus the dinos it lived were huge and as we see today even lion how are around the same size, even a pride don’t even try to take on rhinos or elephants, much less a raptor go after something way bigger than a elephant

And true other examples are wolves and African painted dogs they mostly don’t hunt but actually exhaust the creature than by wearing it down by keeping them running tiring them out till they can safely start to bite and nip and then go for the kill

well, I could see that with Utahraptor
being too big means you can tackle larger prey alone, yet that still has its own risks

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True but something that big probably was as swift or cunning (think more like a slightly smaller allosaurus) so it probably couldn’t have pounced like a graceful ballerina

Another problem I see is how would the Hierarchy or roles system play out

I’d say like WWD proposed: elders eat first and young ones eat last
although if we apply dimorphism maybe one gender ate first, then the next and finally the young

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True although most dinosaurs seem to be more like hyenas where females are the head bosses

I’d say more like eagles since females are larger than the males

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This poll made me think of the most famous dinosaur fight ever in paleontology. On one hand, you have an animal attacking something much larger than itself without the aide of venom like in Komodo dragons, so there is a possibility that these animals hunted together. On the other hand, if they did hunt in packs, shouldn’t the other velociraptors be there with it to aide their bitten comrade?


It’s JW. They can do that here. It’s weird enough that they are way bigger than they really were (at least Velo)

well, since a dune slide burried both animals the other pack members could have escaped

I don’t think the comparison to modern group-hunting mammals is apt. Mammals like wolves are highly social and have sophisticated hunting strategies and communication while trying to bring down a kill.

Raptors weren’t as sophisticated and if they did hunt in groups, probably did so more like an angry mob than a surgical strike.

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