[Poll] Who did it better? Hybrid designs JWA vs JWTG

I personally like Dimetrocarnis’s design better, but I seem to be in the minority

I’m very confused. Why do people like the Ankylos-Lux more than the Gigakylocephalus?
In my opinion the Gigakylocephalus looks way more interesting.
And same goes with Giganocephalus and Ankylomoloch. I mean Ankylomoloch looks like a normal Ankylosaurus and so does Ankylos-Lux.


I love bmoloch
Awesome color and a nice stygi head
Also Ankylos Lux is really cool
I feel that giganocephalus and Gigakylocephalus are a little overboard with spikes especially the latter and they look a little weird in my opinion


On the Giganocephalus for me I have baisas toward Giganocephalus, since it is one of my favorite hybrids.

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Overall I think JWTG did a better job with these creatures design-wise, which makes contrast with those who are the same creatures since JWA did an overall better job.
Personally, I think both have done great with their hybrid designs.


I’m still confused. I understand what you mean on the spikes but for being hybrids, the two Alive Ankylosaurus hybrids look too much like Ankylosauruses and not a mixture like Giganocephalus and Gigakylocephalus where you can see a little of both.

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The head of Bmoloch is pure stygi and the colors are too
Ankylos Lux got all of Dios spikes

You forgot Carnoraptor and Alloraptor.

Updated the poll everyone
Thanks @Stygidaryx_1

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I wonder what people think about JWE’s designs of Ankylodocus, Spinoraptor/Spinotahraptor, and Stegoceratops compared to JWTG and JWA’s designs

You are welcome.

I think almost everyone would go for the Spinoraptor and possibly the Stegoceratops, but I don’t think they prefected the Ankyloducus. I don’t know why but it feels like no one knows the coolest design for it which, in my opinion, is a Diplodocus with Ankylosaurus tail club, which is big, and have the Ankylosaurus armour, not just dumps or spikes but the full armour. But I do think that JW:TG did good on the head.
But don’t forget the other hybrids, like Indomimus Rex, Indoraptor, and Scorpious Rex.

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Well, I would say those, but CarChar said he won’t do Indominus, Indoraptor, and Scorpios, but I would be interested.

Spinoraptor is way better
Not sure about Stegoceratops though

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Have to agree with you on Spinoraptor, both JWA’s and JWTG’s are mile (or Kilometers if you don’t ue freedom unit) bellow JWE’s.
Personally I love JWE’s Stegoceratops compared to JWA’s and JWTG’s.
But Ankylodocus in JWE is a failure.

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In my opinion, I really think all of the games, JWA, JW:TG, and JWE did bad on the Ankyloducus. It’s kinda sad, to me. :cry:

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Although JWA has no Ankylodocus, they have Nodopatosaurus which I think actually looks really good
Here’s what Ankylodocus should have looked like


Now the question is, why did all of these games make it look weird instead of common sense?

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This is kinda unrelated but Pyrritator was a better competitor against Spinoraptor imo


Yeah it is more similar but that pool was air hybrids that have the same ingredients