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Poll: who looks to see who beat you


Like the title says, do you wait to see who beat you in the arena or do you do like I do and tap the screen to skip past the final score.

I don’t know the name of a single person who I’ve beat or that’s beaten me since at least 2 months ago.

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I always check and screen after every battle . The only way to know how you do against each opponent, since I’m often matched against the same opponents

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That’s a good reason, I didn’t think of it that way


I always tap, don’t really care who I played against.


I only check my opponent when I thoroughly enjoyed our match. If you won strictly by Dodging, or I ran you over… nah. But if we had an epic battle of wits down to the last HP of our last creatures, definitely checkin you out.


I do kind of look at the list. Win or lose. Since I find it interesting to see what I could have fought.

Also the one I had today who I assume was dropping arenas. Why else would they have a level 1 Purrususaurus gen 2 in Badlands?


In hindsight I’ve checked if I thought it was a bot


I check when my opponent’s team level is several levels above mine overall, to figure out if I actually had a snowball’s chance in hell or not.


Don’t laugh, but when I’m at home I keep a log and write down my opponent’s name. I like to look on my recent opponents’ list to compare dinos and trophies and find it fascinating when I encounter the same player again (especially when s/he first defeated me and then I win). Sometimes I encounter local friends or players on my friends list I met in this forum and send them a DM. I note whether I had my A team (including I Rex and Indoraptor), B team (one of them) or C team (neither). I may note if RNG got me or - worse - I defeated myself.

I find it fascinating to play against people from around the world! I don’t blame them for the defeat, but learn from their strategy and team.

P.S. From previous replies it appears that most players don’t pay attention to their opponent’s name… and maybe that’s for the best :wink:


I only check if I lose. The only one time I checked after winning is when my opponent sent out almost all lvl 1 to 6 birds. Turns out to be a max level 20 player who must be losing on purpose.


I can’t look at any of my Social tab, its messed up, I used to though :pensive: