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Poll: Would you be in favor of a rework of the speed boost values?


Just out of curiosity (and to let the developper know), I’d like to know if you would be in favor of reworking the values of speed boosts in order to sort some of the problems the game currently has.

Since the speed boosts can currently raise by 100 the speed of a creature, would you be in favor to lower the maximum speed gain to help solving those problems? Which one of those options would you prefer?

  • Keep the speed boost. Max value: 100 (Keep it the way it is.)
  • Keep the speed boost. Max value: 50
  • Keep the speed boost. Max value: 30
  • Keep the speed boost. Max value: 50% of original value.
  • Keep the speed boost. Max value: 30% of original value.
  • Eliminate speed boost.
  • Other (explain in comments).

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No I love those!!! Stop the poll and let’s see what they come up with. Real life is winning at business and these people at Ludia are clowns. :clown_face:. Let’s see what they do cause they sure are not listening to their customers. Who cares the decision, tomorrow wake up on the right side of the dirt and we all good

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Other: +1 or +2 per tier only; I did see someone suggest +1,+2,+3, etc. but I think even that is too much. It should not be possible to boost the slowest of creatures so that they are faster than the fastest unboosted. It should be a tweak not a sledgehammer. As an aside not so bothered with damage/health as long as availability is seriously curtailed - daily, events and the very occasional limited shop sale.