Poof- Epics are gone

What, no epics tonight? Went out around 5:00 pm and got back at 9:00 pm. Long hunt. Lots of Raptors at night time. However, not one Epic. I usually find around 1-2 per hour of darting but not this run.
Anyone have similar luck (or bad luck as it were)?

I found 2 epic T-Rex and an ouranosaurus.

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Honestly, it’s hit or miss for me. Some days I see three or four on my way to work. Others I see nothing.

You can’t take a single day and assume a trend.

Ouch! I’ve been hunting a week for some Ouranosaurus DNA. Good you found Epics though. Thanks for the note.

LOL. I just got my first “your post has been temporarily hidden” just now. Funny that it happens shortly after I made a post about potentially deceptive business practices. Hmmm. Maybe I should just stop spending money on this game.

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Funny, I got more epics tonight than I have received in most weeks. I am pretty sure starting this morning I got at least 20! Best night EVER!!!

Sorry it wasn’t for you… :worried:

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No worries. Good to know others are getting Epics. Thanks for the info.

Last night, zero epics. This morning within 4 hrs, while commuting, I came across 5 x TRex but only 3 were in range.

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Its just a run of bad luck, today I seen 2 Trex (one I couldn’t get cause was on a bus ride), an epic Erlic and a Spinotahraptor, which is great coz I recently added Spinotah to my team ^_^!

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It’s insane to hear how much you guys/gals find Epics! For me average is something like 5/week and i play alot. Monday-friday trip to work (40min/day) and back to home + average of 15 hours of cycling/walking around my home town/week.
It’s getting frustrating!

@Orochimaru83 I play walking on way to work / lunch break, so a couple of hours per day, but hardly ever see epics. On foot you do not cover enough miles, wheras in a vehicle lots more chance to see epics as in same time can cover a huge distance - its a game designed for in vehicle hunting IMHO & walking players are at big disadvantage.

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When you have bad days, an epic or two the next day wipes away the shut out the day before. But to find 5/week is tough. Are you finding mostly TRexs?

Do you think there may be any mechanics in the game to ‘discourage’ vehicular hunting… like 'epics don’t appear unless going under 10 mph (maybe for regional epics and not for global)?

I see mainly see epics when going down the highway at 70mph.

I’d be fine with that, as long as that meant we see far more epics when going under 10MPH. lol.

I haven‘t seen any epic today, too.
Ourano since weeks, Sino since month.

I hope this doesn’t happen. I hunt for me and my hubby when riding as a passenger. I get a lot of good dinos that way. Especially when passing through zones we don’t frequent often.

Sino is my unicorn. I don’t ever see it. I really hope we get an event on it soon!

I’m living in L4 and haven’t seen Ankylo for over a month… Rajasaurus only one in the last weekS!

In the last two weeks- 2 Ouranos and 1 Sino.