Poor ____. All this DNA but I’m never evolving you


Which are yours ??


These guys for sure!!!
I did level them up even at some point😂


another good example :expressionless:


Third place: the curse of the incubator reward

Second place: Searching for Sinoceratopo in Local zone 1

First place: Catching every single dna from my local zone 4 common dino - Next migration I won’t be afraid of you anymore!! XD


Stygimoloch Gen 2, Level 17 : 10638/4000
Dilophosaurus Gen 2, Level 15 : 9372/3000
Triceratops Gen 2, Level 15 : 8859/3000

Perhaps in the next update we can have a Gen 2 Super Hybrid that fuses all 3 into a TotallyUselessosaurus …


And i dont even used a dart to they never xd


My top 3:


I also feel sorry for ones who will never evolve because you constantly harvest their DNA; main two are Nodosaurus and Triceratops - they would probably be Level 30s by now but are stuck at Level 10 while Stegoceratops, Nodasaurus, Stegodeus, etc just suck them dry. :sleepy:


I collect everything around :sweat_smile:


Still trying to figure out how to know which local zone is what :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t4:


My posts go hidden when I link something, so search “spawn” in Metahub so that you can see the post in which it is all explained.

Now I will make another post with the link, crossing the finger … :sweat_smile:



But if I understand well, you know if you’re in zone 1, 2, 3 or 4 only by observing which dinos are Spawning, right? There’s no other way to know?


Yes, you need to see what kind of dinos you usually see in the nearby, then you can figure out in what local zone you are in that moment. Of course there is some kind of “rare exceptions”, but you can easilly know what local zone your home and your work are.


I’m definitely in L2 and the nearby town starts as L2, is mainly L4 and is L3 on the South west edge - never been in an L1!


Where are those Sinocera go :rage:

But I’ll definitely use DNA for myself



I really hope they come up with a hybrid for styg gen 2 I’ve way too much dna and sick of getting it everytime in incubators…


Oh man, I have way too many in my collection that are useless. For the others, they get levelled up to become hybrid material.


Saving for Stegodeus leveling.