Poor Ankylos Lux; or Enough with the Priority moves already!

When they were handing out the priority moves it must have been in the bathroom or something… let’s look, shall we?

Haast Max - Piercing screech - priority, no delay, then priority Ravenous rampage, which at least has a 1 turn delay.

Refrenatem - do I even need to remind anyone of the ridiculously OP, no delay, does a half dozen things at once priority move - with only a 2 turn cool down? Oh, and there’s swap in distract AND priority alert nullification, which also has NO delay and 2 turn cool down.

Hydra Boa - Instant Nullifying strike - priority move, no delay, no cool down. You can always go first. At least Fabled Fangs has 1 turn delay.

Mortem Rex - ROAR! No delay, defense shattering, all opponent targeting, attack stat jacking move.

Ceramagnus - swap in stunning strike AND no delay group acceleration, with a 1 turn cool down.

Hadros Lux - ok, so not quite a priority move, but no delay rampage… anyone else have that? No one I can think of.

So, Ankylos Lux… has a swap in stun with NO damage that will always work… unless your opponent is the least bit resistant, then chances are low it will work. Then it has a priority shielding strike with a one turn delay. Again, strike damage and a stun that may or may not work and a shield. Why the delay? Many other apex have priority moves with NO delay, plus it has a 3 turn cool down. Let’s look at Ref again - instant impact targeting ALL opponents, 50% distraction, 25% DoT, AND a chance to stun… all in one priority move, with only a 2 turn cool down.

This is just the Apexes. Now there are also other rarities that are getting instant priority moves, some with no delay and some that don’t even have a cool down.

Enough already. This is just getting more than a little ridiculous.

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For an apex that can be made out of stuff instead of raiding it, I think he’s fine as a tank. He has a lot of other things to make up for the lack of turn 1 priority moves: immunity to distraction, a strike that slows down and applies vulnerability, a counter that breaks dodge, a swap in shield that can act as invincibility shield if he’s low on hp, an impact that removes cloak and shields him, and some armor. Mine’s just lvl 26 and he causes quite a lot of wreckage in arena.


Ceramagnus, Phorurex, Skoonasaurus, Erlikospyx, Spinoconstrictor, and the new Albertocevia all have a no delay rampage move, not including revenge. It’s pretty normal for a creature to have one.

Also most of the creatures you mentioned would be pretty bad without priority, and there are still many creatures that are good without the reliance on priority damage.


It’s worth bearing in mind that its Priority under threatened status gives it Long Invincibility, so if you didn’t draw anything with DoT, Nullifying, or Fierce abilities, or said creature(s) has/have been taken down then you’ve basically lost already.

At least Piercing Screech and Super Distraction can be cleansed, while Roar can be distracted and/or removed by both Cunning and Nullifying abilities.


Literally Ceramagnus which you just mentioned ._.