Poor little euplocephalus


ok so velociraptor is the fastest dino in the game and there are no dinos that match its speed, tyrannasaurus rex is the dino that has the highest power and no match there too. apatosaurus has the highest healt in the game and guess what? it has no match too

so why the hell does euplocephalus, the dino with the “highest” armor stat, has a lot of matchings to its armor (tragodistis amargocephalus gigaspikasaurus,…) couldnt you give euplo %45 armor or something? would that break the meta? i get bugged out everytime i see the game saying "euplocephalus has the strongest armor of all dinosaurs


Similar issue happened on highest base critical chance.

Why there’s 3 40% critical dinos in this game?
I want to be the only one.:t_rex:
Why some long neck sauropod & little reptile supposed to be as aggrasive as me?:t_rex:


Just befriend each other. Hope you will master rampage one day💪


Trago and Amargo are its Hybrids so that makes sense, but I agree Giga shouldn’t have that much armor.


no it doesnt make sense. indominus rex is a hybrid of trex and velociraptor, has neither the power of the trex nor the speed of velociraptor. so is indoraptor. none of apatasaurs hybrids or superhybrids have as much health as apatosaurus. why on euplo


Give euoplo 75% armor. Problem solved.


i am serious about %45 or even %50 stuff. although even %75 armor wouldnt make euplo significant in any meta except arena 1 i guess