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Poor Ludia

Ludia: Releases boosts

Everyone: This is stupid! My level 30 uniques that I worked hard on are being slaughtered by level 15s because they put more boosts in. You suck, Ludia!

Ludia: Releases a just as flawed, probably more flawed, but overall a teeny bit more balanced version of og boosts that give an advantage to those who hunt and level up their creatures

Almost everyone: Remember the good ol days where you could beat someone’s hard earned unique with a level 15 rare not because your creature was good, not because you played better( assuming both players did good), and not because of rng, but because you pumped more boosts into your creature? Yeah, I miss those days. Let’s Sue Ludia!

Ludia: confused Canadian noises


Seriously? They weren’t the good days, they were the worst days of the game.
Only a few liked boosts, there are more people that don’t use boosts than use them.

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True. It’s just a joke about how some people said they, I kid you not, really liked the old boost system.


The boost system was never, ever going to promote balanced gameplay. They would have been better off scrapping it now and taking the hit, as opposed to causing this outrage in addition.

Underneath it all there is probably quite a nicely balanced PvP, so its the battle designers I feel sorry for. Abused by the players and their own management alike.

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It’s hard to sympathise for a company that either consistently fails epically to understand the game they make or simply doesnt care to. Every update for the last year has made the game worse and worse, and at this point you have to either assume gross incompetence or they just dont care. I mean; they spent TIME and EFFORT programming in BLOOD EFFECTS no-one asked for. WHY? When there is so much wrong with the game that needed addressing? The only surprise to me these days is that people are still surprised at this stuff anymore.