Poor magnapyritor

facing 27 thor, 28 magna is finished by one shot…

magna should add 1 to speed, and distracting rampage(first move) as his mother(pyrritator) has. hp +15%, make it closer to irritator


That sucks so bad! Been fusing Magna for 2-3 months. One fuse away and it’s now almost useless unique cheers ludia I’m definitely not spending money to unlock uniques after these shenanigans!!!

Magna has a great moveset but its health pool is terrible for something so hard to make. Also all its counters got buffed, while magna got nothing. Needs to be buffed before I even bother leveling dimetrodon to 20. Also dont have irritator but thats another issue.

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May have use against bleeders but that’s like 1 of 4 opponent choices at most and won’t even be hard counter cause Magna will take huge dmg

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@lvl 26
HP 3600
PLUS Distracting Rampage

then he should be OK!!!


compared to that of thor, magna’s damage is a baby-level…

Riddicoulous right! If I get r2c of with pyri I can 1 shot most Dino’s and often get 2 during the buff I doubt Magna could come close. They really need to rework allot of the uniques that are worse than their components!!! Also Magna is a speed/debuffer it should not loose to anti-armour of the same level (which is what it’s meant to hard counter btw) unless it’s tryostonix ! Makes me wonder if they test anything before introducing it to the game!!!

Sigh… every time I try to stock up on irritator, the realization that magna is just tooo massive of an effort for very little gain reminds me not too.

Decided to drop down this morning after the tournament ended to try farming irritators …
(Time to climb back up … sorry every one I meet along the way )

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Ha, I saw you dropping down. Magna was a big goal for me when I first started, but honestly I’ll never be able to level it high enough to be competitive on my team, and the fact that it’s underwhelming is the icing on the cake. I have 3500 pyro dna ready to fuse and plenty of dimetrodon, but I’m lucky to get 50-100 irritator a week.

I know right!
At this rate my whole team will be level 30s when I unlock my level 21 magna :joy:

I do feel bad for everyone I’m Running into on my climb back up tho… if there are any rants about level 27 Indos and 28 stegods in lower Ruins that’s cuz of me :raising_hand_man:t4: :man_facepalming:t4:


Haha same bro and trust me those levels take awhile. I dont envy those poor souls.

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I honestly don’t care how bad magna is, im still gonna get her and use her, she’s my favorite dino in-game so far :heart: it’s gonna be a journey, I don’t even have Pyriitator (or however it’s spelled) yet…

Hahaha…same here. I’m 1 fuse away from creating it myself but stopped after my lowly Thor utterly destroyed a high levelled magna.

@Hersh thanks for that, literally just read you dropped arenas and boom …


Why stop the DNA isn’t needed for anything else!? Gotta dart them all right? I’m just hoping once a decent amount of players unlock it and have a whinge they give it dsr counter, lethal wound and cloak if they wanna justify such low hp ROFL😁 can only hope right!

I’m sorry I slowed you down in your climb :smile:


Saving those coins because once I create it, it’s hard to stop levelling it up.

LOL @Hersh brotha seems like your strat has backfired these buggers trolling you now haha. Jkjk its all in good fun :rofl::kissing_closed_eyes: :heart:

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Lmaoo… this is tooo funny. I’m trying to mix it up tho so people don’t rage and start hating me
:grimacing: :joy:

And @Nocnyelf , haha really well played bud! That battle definitely caught me by surprise, I’ll have to bring my A game if I run into you again :clap:t4: :trophy:


I’m going to unlock Magna as I want to “collect them all” but it makes me weep everytime I use up Pyrittator DNA, I would rather be levelling it up - will probably go back to doing that once Magna is unlocked. Same with Utasinoraptor but at least Utarinex looks worth it.

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