Poor magnapyritor

Played game since global launch. Always filled my incubator slots and kept one openening. Pyrittator still lvl 19 due to lack of arena Irritator.

No idea how people have enough Irritator rare.


Gotta hit up all the power up strikes all weekly events and then speed up incubators like crazy whenever got spare cash also the legendary store incubator deal can come with 200 pyri so in other words paying thru the nose! Which is why it’s disappointing by time unlock it, it will be fairly useless!! Draco g2 can almost 1 shot it with sia alone. When a common can cheese a unique that’s costs as much as magna something’s wrong!!

Incubators (for me, only free/event) ones and maxed out every event; I also find him easy to dart.

I only remember one event it showed up in. Definetly did every strike tower. But I’m not speeding up incubators that 50 cash a day to spend on common scent is the only way I get anything to spawn now.

im going to keep leveling mine. it will be a beast. planning a vacation down to badlands soon.

Magna is GORGEOUS. I’ve only been up against it once, and now I MUST have one. <3

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Finally got dime up to a 20 and still have 3k sitting. Posti has 1200 in case I run across bary. Pyrritator is a 20 with a sad 80 left over. I’m in the same boat with the other collectors, just want to create them all. By some miracle I’ve got almost 2800 irritator that has been collecting dust.

The only reason Ixwill still make it (and honestly you shouldnt shy away from it) is because it will get a buff. No way they wont see it needs it and once it does it will likely be amoung the best

Totally agree with you, too many really disappointed players.

going by the ludia trend however, the next patch could rasily result in a buff to magna. in fact, i almost expect it haha, thats how they roll anyway


I’m expecting the same thing too @roshansoma

As inticing as a buff would be, I think it’s still to challenging to make (unfortunately)

Happened to me once too. And we’re in the same alliance ^^

I’m getting there :sweat_smile:

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Wow dude!
You’ve made great progress … haha I still have soo many left


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Very economical and focused playing style, my friend!



Haha, I do my best to level only what I’m actively using.

I have my moments of weakness tho too :joy:
(I.e. investing in an anklocodon, suchotator, tyrannoloph, And alankyolosaur I’ll probably never use :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4:)


I gotta collect them all… but there is one advantage: when the dices are rolled anew after an update I might have one or another ingredient ready to level /fuse :slight_smile:


Let’s pray and cry for that

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I’m like the opposite I focus on unlocking the creatures to be more educated on what is possible in arena it’s extremely painful lol!

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