Poor old Deinocheirus!


Found this dino “skewered” by a supply drop. Looks like it spawned at the wrong spot! :laughing:


Man I have been darting Deino for 3 days straight for that new hybrid and still only halfway due to 2k DNA per fuse, totaly sick of these things already.


I have loved my feathery baby from the very beginning. I’ve always caught as many as I could. She was a fierce fighter on my team well into Sorna Marshes. And I’m pumped she’s got a hybrid; her DNA is no problem. It’s the other one I’m struggling with. Not enough ourano DNA in the world. Oh well.


Deinocheirus always has reminded me of that dodo bird from Alice in Wonderland, so I try to steer clear of it😂


Getting close, grind from hell :wink: I got all 10’s and two 20 fuses so far.


Wth! Did not even know there was a 2000 a pop fuse, hope the unique dino is worth it!


I think all unique dinos that use a common dino will cost 2k common DNA per fuse.

My indoraptor was the same thing, 2000 veloci DNA per fuse.

Takes forever and not fun at all.


I’ve been grinding these grey goose chickens for the past four days. Went from lvl 11 to nearly lvl 19. It’s literally chicken run everytime they see me. Never been so excited for a common in my life :joy:


For my 0/150 indo raptor level… I got 14 10s followed by a 60. Game has a sick sense of humor lol… I’ll remember that level forever