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Poor pteranodon

I really like the design and movset for the pteranodon, BUT! Heres the thing: its sooo slow and it dies in like two hits!! I really want to use it in my team… but it kinda sucks… like i get that its a creature with low health and high attack., but it’s very bad compare to Alanqa. Would it make sense if it had immunity? It would be a decent buff. But WHY IS IT SO SLOW?! I think that it needs more speed. Maby 124? What do you think?

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I totally agree! I was so excited and forgot the hybrid was Alanqa and darted a bunch of Pteradon’s that first week they were released, but even at lvl15 I can’t do much with it. I was hoping for a hybrid for it as well that would make it like a bird-like megalosuchus.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Adam_Flodin! It’s not fun when you want to use a specific dino but feel like it would just be a weak link in your team… We’re constantly trying to find the right balance between all of our dinos, so I’ll make sure to forward this to our development team to see what they think!


Yeah, all the flyers were extremely underwhelming.

As a side note John,

Pteradon was in movies and is widely known by kids and adults alike… so it would be great for the game if the fan favorites were not so nerfed (Carno… is an example).

This dino has great utility, but with that speed it’s dead before it can use it.

Agree :grin::+1: I hope they buff its speed or something. Alanqa is great but Pteranodon should be great too