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Poor puru


Why she not get a hybrid while her cousin puru g2 had hybrid


Can It Be A Mystery?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A more pressing question is why do we get her trash worth of nothing DNA in every daemn incubator… :thinking:

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No a more pressing question is why do we get rubbish dna in most incubators


Hmmm thats make sense

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Okay,for moment you say its trash…
I bet in 4 month,when dracorat and his brothers will be nerf beyond the ground
and the new super hybrid with purrusaurus and roflosaurus will get average hp,30% armor,average dmg,huge speed
and in skills:
Acute stun
Instant charge
great stunning impact
greater stunning rampage
stun and run

swap in stun
swap in evasive stance
immunity and immunity to SIDSR
can give even to immune creature a stun