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Poor Touch Responsiveness In Map?


I use Samsung Galaxy S7 updated to Android 8, all system and game updated to last version.
But even before Android 8 (when was 7.1) and older JWA version, i see all time this happen…

I am in map, see a supply, touch it and nothing happen, touch again and voilá. Same with creatures.
Some times i have to TOUCH-TOUCH-TOUCH-TOUCH to get the item selected. It’s not every try, but many of them all day.

Nothing like that in any other area or game/app, just this scenario: selecting items in map area.

Performance issue?

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Could be large fingers…:joy::joy::joy:


Hey AndreMR, could you try rebooting your device and see if that helps? Also, try closing any background applications you might have opened while playing, it should allow the game to run more smoothly. If you’re still having issues, feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key included in the email.

but hey, this happens since ever. not every touch, but many. course i rebooted phone many times, force closed JWA, even cleared app cache. this doesn’t happen with other apps, nor other parts of game, like lab or battle. i’ll try use another phone to make a video.

Well… what could be system requirements for this game? Xiaomi Black Shark, Galaxy Note 9? I don’t believe is a hardware issue. Updated Galaxy S7 should be fine, considering that with batt econo mode (wich make cpu slower) the game looks the same performance.

I think I figured out some reasons to this…

  • Most of times it happens when moving. My son plays in car and many times can’t touch an item in map, due to moving map+item. I think the effect is like finger dragging, if the touch isn’t released fast enough the item moves and doesn’t act like a touch, but touch-and-drag (this can’t select items). The update rate when moving is near 700ms (i didn’t measure but is a little less than 1s).

  • The game has a poor restore/sleep system when working with this smartphone. I don’t know if it occurs with Samsung Experience or Android, but if we swap to another app and return to game, it stops responding to user for a while, I think while getting connection back. Sometimes this lasts more than acceptable, and we think interface is available and touch an item, but not, it’s not. And doesn’t matter how many times we touch something, it doesn’t work until game is ready to user.

  • When game is opened or re-opened, sometimes (or many times) it seems to be calibrating gps, so map starts to move, 2, 3, 4 times until stops in correct position. And we trying to touch something, like cat-and-mouse…

  • The touchable area seems to be exactly (or almost) the dino body, so when dinos are far it’s harder to hit a finger touch, specially those small dinos (apatossaurus is easier, lol).

I leave here my obvious suggestions: pause new features development and optimize game code, specially related to sleep/awake of the app in Android.


My girlfriend and I have found that when we are playing as a passenger that sometimes when the screen won’t react it seems to be Owen’s “your moving to fast” message that is holding things up but the message hasn’t popped up yet. Once the message finally pops up and we press the I’m a Passenger button things start working again.

Nice point, I forgot to say that.

Owen makes us crazy when moving. About each 2 or 3 minutes this message pops up again, sometimes just when we are about to touch a supply or dino, making us toolse it.

Why not pop only one alert message of that when start game, or when open map, and leave us play?