Poorly thought out


So they took everyone’s trophies away down to 3500. So now at 3600 trophies you’re fighting people who were stronger than at 4200 trophies before the tournament. Which is where I was. On top of all the cheaters and spoofers who didn’t actually get banned are still making life difficult for people trying to move up the ranks. The battles are now unfair and unfun.


Bots are here still as well! Just played a no name with 2 23 Stegodeus!

Put it all together and it means Ludia doesn’t want its players to advance in the tournament!


I was doing a battle today, and the other dino’s were getting 3 moves to my one. Even when there move was a swap, it is kinda pissing me off.


Dude the whole game has been poorly thought out. If you think their decision making is gonna get better it’s not. Rest assured on that.

They only kinda sorta slightly listen to us. They have no real care about how we feel about anything in regards to the game.

The game isn’t worth squat to spend money on in any capacity either with all of the problems it has.

Save your money and buy a game that’s got far more replay value, less bugs, and better online play.

Heck you could go spend $20 on a game at Walmart and still get more value out of it than this train wreck of a game. No joke.


I would find the game is thought out, just the perspective of player styles is limited to specific types of gamers.

Opening the gamer types will help enhance the game and make more money for the company so they can truly clear up all the extra issues, bugs, cheaters, glitches, and obnoxous players.

All new things are works in progress. That is all we can hope for. The more informed they are, the better the game will become.