Pop Culture References in Jurassic World Alive


You might be thinking, “You mean to the Jurassic Park Franchise?”, there are some obvious ones like the T-rex and velociraptor designs but if you look deeper, you’ll see references to other franchises. So here’s a list of all the hidden references in the designs of dinosaurs:

Allosaurus: Fallen Kingdom Design
Apatosaurus: Jurassic World Design
Brayonyx + Gen 2: Fallen Kingdom Design + Land Before Time 13
Dilophosaurus: Jurassic Park Design
Dimetrodon: Zoo Tycoon 2 Design
Diplocaulus Gen 2: Monsters of the Past Design
Einosaurus: Einiosaurus Alpha (Dinosaur King) Design
Erlikosaurus Gen 2: Cassowary Colors
Euoplocephalus: Dinosaur King Design
Gorgosaurus: Walking with Dinosaurs Design
Ouranosaurus: JPOG Design
Proceratosaurus: Geoworld Design
Sarcosuchus: Chased By Dinosaurs Design
Sinoceratops: Fallen Kingdom Design
Spinosaurus: JP3 + JWE Design
Stegosaurus: JP Design
Stygimoloch: Fallen Kingdom Design
Suchomimus: JW Design
Triceratops: JP Design
T-rex: JP Design
T-rex Gen 2: “SUE” Design
Velociraptor: JP Design