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Pop up annoyance when contribution to others

Please can you stop the bottom of the screen coming back up when on this page

it’s really annoying and it’s like a flash


What’s even more annoying is when the screen jumps just as you are tapping a donate button and it makes you donate 20 irritator that you were planning to use in a fuse.


Yes to both of these. Especially what @StoneCutter says.


Yes, and to make it clear we mean fix this problem and NOT add more blood instead

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All I could think of when it started doing that is “Why did they think this was a good idea!?” At least in windows there is an option to lock the task bar.

Give them a month they’ll fix it… Or maybe two just to be sure… Ok… Give them till 2021 just in case it takes some time to fix a massive bug like this.

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I’ve been happy to see the requests on the 2nd restart instead of the 3rd or 4th which is too common. I agree though the bar never used to do that and it is pretty annoying. The “collect” instead of “special offer” ranks up there as annoying too.

Maybe they should add weather factors; rain, snow, sleet, hail and thunderstorms!

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I’ll take more blood please!
…oh and that other stuff is annoying too

Anymore and it will being running down the screen all over your buttons making them all sticky

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