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Pop ups bugging out guild chat

Has anyone else experienced hitting the guild chat button too fast before the Pop up ads have a chance to load and it bugs out guild chat to completely blank as if you aren’t in the guild anymore? It happens to me fairly often. Have to restart app to fix it. I thought in one of the updates in the last 6 months there was a bullet point that said in game pop up ads won’t happen anymore if you don’t close and re open the app and yet anytime you get diverted back to Home Screen an ad pops. It’s silly to get a pop up ad for a Silver hand event right as you just completed a battle in the event.

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Yes. The game has a few bugs. Not sure it’s all blamed on pop ups but they are part of it. The bug where it keeps switching to a blank event page is annoying too. The guild chat bug makes me have to close the game and re-open it.