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Pop ups Glitching Guild chat

When you log in and immediately press the Guild chat icon I think it’s interrupting your Pop up ads and causing guild chat to go completely blank. Usually happens when the Pop up at the start lags a couple seconds so it looks like it’s not gonna pop up and I go to hit the Guild icon and the chat goes completely blank. Doesn’t happen when the pop up shows up immediately or if I’m lucky and don’t get a pop up at all.

Thanks for reporting this to us, Blazenkks! I’ll forward the info to our team.

Do you know if tapping out of the Guild tab and then back in fixes this?

No backing out to main menu does not fix it. It doesn’t freeze the game either. I can tab back to Main menu. Have to close the app and restart.

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Thanks, Blazenkks! I’ll note this information as well.

still happening.