Popular dinos in Sanctuaries

Which dinos do you guys believe will be popular with the sanctuaries, or at least before Ludia gets them working enough to allow the birbs and mammals

EDIT: the pterosaurs and cenozoics arent allowed, as are hybrids. So just non hybrid dinos

bary g2, diplo, irritator, dilo, quetzal

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Erliko, Rexy, Dilpo G2, Brachi, Pachy

I’ll be putting the best ones I can in there that require DNA. I think they have to be in there 48 hours and cant be on your team then. Just save a few 8 and 12 hr incs and throw them in right away so have close to enough incs to last without having to battle to much for more. Even if I have to battle for more incs with best dinos in sanctuary I dont care about trophy count to much so won’t mind dropping a couple hundred trophies if it means getting some good DNA. I’ll be starting with tryko erlid rinex magna possibly.

you cant add hybrids so no need to plan this out.

(Updated it to include that)

But yeah, lets be honest. Grypo, Eliko and Erliko gen 2, Irritator and Bary gen 2, Pachy, Brach, Tuojiango, Dilo, and Raja are going to be in there quite frequently

No hybrids…what …???


will see how it works. hopefully the dinos you need(random needs) dont get neglected like how requests are nowadays… its getting bad.

I mean, it makes sense, because then people will just put all the tyrants in there and get free dna without having to fuse


Does it say anywhere how much DNA we get for leaving them in there?

It doesnt, or at least i didnt see anything about it

  1. a whole 1 dna :joy:

10/10 ludia move right there XD


Yeah I bet really small amount

it says for instance. the first feeding(or interaction, but feeding being the most)
will give you the most and works down to 3 feedings, last feeding gives you the least amount of dna. then as the sanc levels up you get more for each encounter…

then you have to wait 3 hours to restart it all. and this happens for 48 hours.

then i assume you can readd after you get kicked out. but in two weeks the sanc gets rebooted so its not going to be leveled anymore and you have to restart.


I think it said the dna amount would be based off of how much you interact with it, its level and rarity, how dangerous (difficulty of keeping it enclosed) it is, and all that. Plus if you and your allience partake in the same sanctuary, you all get the prize :smiley:


Dracorex, Dimetrodon, Purusaurus, Scolosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Koolasuchus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Erlikosaurus, Tuojiangasaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Baryonyx GEN 2, Irritator and others

And since Diplodocus is shy to the max, I’ll probably need to pop that in as well :unamused: