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Popular Opinion: this update needs an immediate update

The update went so far backwards as far as playability.

It now costs more gold to play than you earn. Hopefully us players have a stockpile to burn through.

The rewards were cut down to approximately 5% of what they were.

Legendary cards seem to be no longer able to be earned by playing dungeons. No answers have been given as to how to earn these.

The XP to level up heroes was raised to unobtainable amounts (100000 XP from LVL 10-11) and capped XP per dungeon run to 57.

One of the main complaints about the game has been the endless grind of neverending dungeons. Now because of the crappy XP, you have to do even more of them!!

Please update the update as soon as possible. This went from being one of the most anticipated updates to the absolute biggest possible disappointment.


I agree with you, the way we obtain gear now is horrible and the exp needed to level characters is just insane now. There is no fun anymore, its only pure grinding.

Should remove the tag “RPG” in the description of the game for “Grinding” instead…

But the idea of adding exp on a character by upgrading the gear is nice but the amount given versus the total exp needed to level up is just ridiculous.

Need to update that last update for sure…


100% agree. I looked forward to the next update of this game for so long, but this is utter crap.

I can’t make enough gold to upgrade everything.

I am forced to play more heroes in order to level the people I want to play further.

I don’t see legendaries in the pool of loot now, which takes away a lot of potential excitement for new loot.

We get way less items than before.

Spending gold to level up is terrible.

Honestly, the only good thing about the patch is leveling items gives experience, and that’s pretty minor.


This update killed my enjoyment of the game. Progression has been stifled into futility. There is no sense of adventure when there is no chance at desirable loot.
I’m uninstalling. Thanks for the fun so far, but I won’t give this game another minute post update.


Aye all of above says much of it


I logged in here to deliver these exact ideas, and am glad I am not the only one who thinks this update is terrible. Not only did you not add any new combat mechanics like this game desperately needs, you completely ruined the loot/levelling system!

As asked here and in the update announcement thread - how can making the challenges cost gold, give less reward, and making things even more random help literally anything? The experience for running a dungeon is now capped at 57…out of 50,000!?! I now have a 5% of getting that one epic I need, and no legendaries?

Updates are supposed to bring more content, not nerf everything and increase grind. You rolled a 1 Ludia, go try again.


They had the system almost perfect. I understand the people at lower levels feeling it was a grind to play but once your characters got strong enough and you understood the right equipment needed to complete dungeons the grind was fun. You looked forward to seeing what items could be found in what chests.

You then had to decide how far to push as to how many cards you wanted in your chests. The fact that you got nothing for dieing before the boss was a good thing… just like in a regular campaign you die you get nothing. Also made perfect use of gems 250 to pay to revive… now why would you ever revive??

Adding a dice roll to individual fights where you find a boss (Crowned Monster) was all you needed to do and adjust the dice roll value based on the level of the monster. Level 16 monsters dropping common items was brutal.

You had the game perfect and then ruined it in one update.

All you had to do was add more campaigns to expand on the game. Please change it back and add dice rolls to the screen where you get to decide what chest you get. Add dice rolls to the Boss monsters. You had it perfect … please change it back


Well you already got some of my money Ludia but after this update I cant see any justification to put more in. You basicly just made advancement obsolete. I pay my gold to play challenges and maybe get my gold back? I wont be able to level up any of my high level characters any time soon. Instead of easing the stale grind for high level play you have lengthened it and gave me no real incentive to play anymore. God help this game if you reset accounts at official launch. Good luck! I will stick around the game for one more update in hopes you fix this new mess. If not it was fun while it lasted. Cheers!


The XP system sucks. Leveling is near impossible. The grinding before the update was bad. This makes it worse. I am crestfallen to say the least. No need to go on as everyone seems to have stated the issues in detail.

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50xp at a time… This update makes running challenge mode completely worthless. I just spent 100k gold (yes that much) and upgraded all my main guys equipment that I never use, or will ever use and got less than 1/4 of the xp they each need to level. I think its clear this was/is an attempt to monetize the game a bit better. To eb frank, the former model provided almost no incentive to spend real money. I think this is way off the mark even there as it would cost somewhere around 5k dollars to get my next renown level at these rates (buying chests for gear and gold for upgrades).

IF I attempt to grind out level 17 in challenge mode it would take about 7000 runs, approximately 10 weeks of 24/7 play…

Yeah, y’all done and broke it.

Please roll back everything (patch and account database) and re-think this one.


This update single handedly turned a good strategic rpg experience into a generic cash grabbing pay to win free rpg… Congratulations you done goofed. I will not spend anothef penny on any Ludia games until this is fixed.

This egregiously money grubbing update has very clearly pissed your entire player base off.

You people are lucky playstore reviews are not visible because this game would get chewed out to hell and back.


Adding my voice to the choir

Loved the game now it’s pointless. Undo this update or you are losing your playerbase before you even launch.

Good to see this kind of screw up early on though, great way to judge how the developers respond to the community. We are waiting…

For the record, the lack of developer response at this point is noted and disappointing. Its early access for a reason and you can get away with mistakes…

But first you need to acknowledge it was a mistake. I for one and gone if this isn’t fixed, the game simply isn’t fun now. From forum responses I seem to represent that majority.


Absolutely brutal update.

Gold became nonexistant, cards are now even more rare, there is no point in playing anymore.

The way it was made you money, buying revives or getting to impatient and hoping to get that legendary piece by buying one of the special deals that appear

It was set up in a way that people would spend by choice, this way makes it a necessity and that will lose you alot of player.


It had problems before but the new update is awful. Before you used to get a lot of useless cards that dont work for your character. Now you get to select 1 useless card for a character.

I bought a few character packs and was summarily punished for my financial contribution with nothing that helped. More likely to uninstall than ever spend another cent on this.

Hope they are smart enough to get rid of this update prior to launch or I think the beginning rating will kill it before it has a chance

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I hope the 1k gold gift today wasnt the “fix”


I did the math.

My next character level (Raika LVL 12) will take 200 days, over 100000 gold or about $45.

This assumes I play 10 challenges a day and choose the basic challenge as it gets the best XP/gold at 49xp/50 gold.

The previous update, the character level would level in just over a week. Under the same assumptions of 10 basic dungeons a day.

That’s a 2400% increase in playtime.


Hi there,
I’m here to share my point of view about this update and some thoughts about the way to improve it.

First things first, I’m a really casual gamer. I usually have 1 or 2 short play time (10-20 minutes) in my day.
My characters are around lvl 6-7, and I haven’t unlocked the second chalenge donjon. I used to beat up to the 16th floor of the first challenge.

What I like about this game

  • We have to adapt our team / equipment to the ennemies
  • We don’t receive some “legendary” gear right at the start of the game
  • We do have to think when in combat
  • The cards upgrading system for the equipment makes me feel I’m progressing

What I used to like about this game

  • The chest random “promotion” system always made me feel like I could get a bump in my progression
  • I could see my wallet growing combat after combat, free chest after free chest, in order to get enough money to upgrade that one piece of equipment that will get me pass through that level
  • I had to choose which equipement I would upgrade (now I feel like I need to upgrade them all)
  • The chests made me believe that, even without much play time, I could make some progress
  • We did have to use a character to level him up

What I didn’t like and has been fixed

  • The exp and gold cap
  • The infinite challenge mode (well I’ve only been to the 16th floor so that was OK)

What I don’t like about this game

  • Free gems are really hard to get. I know there is some way to get gems with “tapjoy”, but the only ways to get free gems until the last update was from free chests (I usually open 3 of them per day => 9 gems) and daily quest. The last update added the possibility to get gems as a reward for completing the challenges and that’s good
  • New I can’t make any progress anymore. My gold amount is slowly eaten by challenges fee, and if I don’t want to starve, I feel that I must choose the gold as a reward, even if I could choose some rare or epic gear
  • New I feel like I need to upgrade every piece of gear
  • New I can’t even level up anymore
  • New I don’t like the fact that a character gain exp through upgrading his gear. It doesn’t make sense.


  • If upgrading gear gives exp, just tune it down. Some amount that is abtainable through quests and gear. Something like character at max level = all stuff at max level. That way we can do a bit of both upgrading and questing to level a character
  • I really don’t like the fact that I can level a character I don’t play. So, in order to get cards for his gear, he needs to be in the party you played with. In other words, you get to roll cards for the characters you took in your team.
  • Remove the entry fee for challenges ! My wallet would thank you
  • At the end of a challenge, give the choice between a chest or the lottery thing. That way even people like me could think they can progress

Thanks a lot if you took the time to read it all.


This is a great post, and really nails down what I have been feeling in strong bullet points. Thanks for taking the time to organize and write this.


In playing a bit more ive come to a conclusion… I’m done playing.

There is no incentive to play, the game economy is broken, gathering experience is now completely meaningless, it’s all about item upgrades, those upgrades require gold and gold is a very finite resource.

Worse we are now forced to level up characters we don’t care about… And that takes gold. Finally we get to the new loot system which is just awful. Most matches I’m picking gold as my choices are awful.

So nine times out of ten I’m paying 50 gold to do a dungeon where I win … 50 gold and some now completely meaningless XP.

This update absolutely ruined the game and I find myself no longer even wanting to log in. This went from a 5* to a 1* game overnight.

So frankly I’m done until this is fixed.

Please undo this brutal update … You completely ruined a game I was really enjoying and had actually recommended to others. Those recommendations certainly aren’t happening anymore.

The game was obviously quite good, I would have just uninstalled and moved on if not. But this update is just really really really awful, one of the worst I’ve seen


Yup, running challenges is now basically a waste of time outside of daily quest completion. 1/7000th of a levels worth of XP is not worth the time and the loot rewards are often not even equal to the entry price.

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