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Popular Opinion: this update needs an immediate update


I’ve played every day since the initial launch. I’ve capped the exp/day most of those days and I always had a chest opening.
Sometimes ago I stopped grinding exp because I thought it was always the same thing, but kept opening chests.
With that update, I’ve done about 5 challenges, all cleared, even the 15 room deep and got absolutly nothing, my fee to enter the challenges got “refunded” that was my reward… hurray. It killed it and I haven’t played since then. I just don’t see the point now. All my lvl 15 heroes were about 3k exp from lvl 16. Now I feel like they re never gonna level up. The only thing that made me play was the chests and they got removed.
The game was a lot of grinding but I was still enjoying it before the update. That update killed my fun. Do something about it please.


This update ruined the game. I’ve been playing for a while and enjoyed it until now. Now it appears to just be another money grab game if you want to get anywhere. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if they release a future update that corrects the many things that make the game not worth playing anymore. If not, it will be deleted and I will make sure to avoid any Ludia games in the future.


Very well written post Kalreg, Thank you!

Developers : I’ve been playing basically daily since Beta Launch.
I know this is a beta, you know this is a beta, we all know this is a beta.

Take some of this advice from your playtesters and realize you need to “fix” or change your latest update.

For a D&D analogy: Your game was at a fork in the Road, you decided to take the left fork, your Party(Us the playtesters) walked ahead, and just got Crushed in an avalanche, all perma dead, smushed by 15 tons of rock. Obviously you/we/us took the wrong fork.

We the playtesters of your game are begging the DM(you developers are the DM) for a chance to Roll a D20 to ROLL BACK this update, Give us the chance to take the Right Fork.

Can we get a d20 roll please?


I just spent a solid 45 mins trying to grind throigh “Fight the Madness”. All 7 of my characters are at level 11 and its clear I won’t be able to progress any further in my game without levelling up my characters. I cannot grind level 1 of the challenge only getting small amounts of items or gold to level them up either. So this update effectively ruined my ability to even advance in the main story quest. Please roll this update back and rethink the new levelling mechanics. If you really want to keep the fancy new dice mechanic for random rewards, add this feature as a mini-game and give us our old challenge mode back. Chest rewards were better and I could actually still get lots of items whether they be common, rare or whatever. If you intend to keep this level up mechanic you had better improve high level play by increasing reward drops by alot. Dont make us pick between gold OR items. Package that crap together and give us lots based on pur renown level - mine is 14 and frankly you have given me garbage for renown packs through each level already.


If there is no response today from the dev team I’m gone. This was easily my go-to game until this update and now it’s completely broken.


Hey everyone, we understand that there are some mixed reviews for the recent update and I’ve passed them over to our team. We really appreciate all the feedback from our players because it’ll help our team create better features for the game in the future! If you have any more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to post them here for us.


I’m sorry, but: “Mixed reviews?”

I have not seen a single person who has stated this latest update is a positive one. Not one.

I’m not sure how you and your team can fail to realize this latest update is a game breaker.
There needs to be some quick action to resolve the major issues caused by this latest change.

If nothing is done, and done soon, I will be joining Mr.Awesome in uninstalling, and I’m sure a large majority of your dedicated Beta team testers will be doing the same.


This 100%. There are no mixed reviews… This is awful and would result in killing off your user base if you were live. Seriously just admit this was a miss, do a roll back before everyone leaves.

I’m very close to the exit myself.


Agree with Mr awsome and many other player here AND on fb. Also my review was hidden (by aksimet, probably because I copied it and posted it on your fb page) and not been posted back it’s been almost 2 days.
I had posted some criticism but also some propositions that are adressing some of our issues with the patch.
So no mixed review, we don’t see how the patch is an improvement, and as other I have said I’m only staying because this is a beta and hope you will something before I find another game to pass time.
It was a nice ride we are at crossroads…


I agree with what everyone else is saying, but I think I’ve come up with a fix. Award all three dice, remove the gold cost for challenges, and reduce equipment gold upgrade cost by 90%. It will still be a grind, but at least it will be possible. The gold cost of upgrades needs to be drastically reduced to make the game playable again. I’m only level 6&7 and I can see staying at this level for the next 2-3 weeks at least. Not cool. I have an epic item to upgrade for 700 gold, I’ve been selling gear and grabbing money as rewards when I can, but it’s going to take a couple days to upgrade 1 item. That’s crazy.


Spent 50k gold right after the patch. I ran out of upgrades to do. I did 4 months of upgrade backlog.


Not going to work. Making ti cheaper won’t help as I just don’t have anything to upgrade. I would literally need multiple thousands of each common and hundreds of each rare and epic to level via gear upgrades. Across 6 characters. Making upgrades cheaper just moves the bottleneck from money to cards. Cards were already the bottleneck at high level play, most people just arn’t there to see it. If I gave you 500k gold, you’d level once, maybe twice and then be completely deadlocked too on cards.


Wow, I didn’t realize it was so bad at higher levels. So more cards are needed as well as money. I have upgrades that I can’t do so I assumed only money was the problem. Perhaps the card/money rewards need to scale with level, or more XP from challenges/levels. You get a pathetic amount right now. I can’t imagine being a higher level, have to grind for months for one level, lmao.


Mixed reviews? Please advise the team its a unanimous NO.


Everyone misses the old play–HATES the new reward system. Half of us appreciate 20 percent of the change. Paying gold just to walk into a dungeon. Paying to level gear. Paying to level a hero.

We all feel your pain.

 I would like to say, as Garouman did, this IS a beta...there can be no doubt that one of 3 thing will happen.  
 1.  They will listen and bring back much of what was lost.
 2.  They will listen, fire those who killed Warriors, hire new developers.
 3.  They will listen, fire developers, and can the game.
Option 3 we have nothing to complain about and I hope it is not #3.  Options one and 2 are more likely.  
 One thing is for sure...I damn sure hope they did not delete the last version.  My only question is who the hell is the genius who has to do the reverse math to award proper restitution?  In fact I would just raise all character levels by minimum 150 % hand over a bucket of gold and chests...and a billion dollars.  Jk.

I intend to see what route we are taken. Good luck Ludia. But I won’t spend another dollar to get a single copper. Or gold. Or gem. But dungeons await.