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Portal capsule


Hi, it’s a fact what dinosaurs spawning&types depends on a specific area - so you likely found a kind of dinosaur there.

So suggestion is to add a special “portal” capsule what could be dropped at some place (so you have to visit that place or may be you will be there by occasions), once it’s landed it could be triggered at any time on your will and:

  1. Bring you to that place (I think Ludia wouldn’t like this one ;)) so you will be able to hunt these specific dinosaurs
  2. Bring all dinosaurs from a radar circle/distance at this moment from the portal capsule location to your current location - this one seems to be much easier to implement and don’t break in-game time&space continuum :upside_down_face:

So these capsules could have same time limits - 5 and 20 mins. And could be placed at user backpack. And sure distributed via supply drops and available for cash.


Just start spoofing then
Please stop calling dinosaurs “dynos”, its hurting me

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Okay :innocent:

Re: spoofing - if someone are using it, this feature will be not interesting for him - as he is able to move into any location without it. And I think #2 is more likely to be implemented because you’re not moved anywhere but some dinosaurs could be teleported to your location and luckily some of them could be of kind you want to, but may be not - it’s like game of chance and feature expanding in-game experience/fun :upside_down_face: