Portal things (strike events now live)


they are active , this is not a drill

Strike events are live!
Is just outside my window!

first one done


They are now live :grin::grin:


I haven’t seen any yet


@Caleb_Isaacs close the app and open it back up! You’ll get a notification and prob end up seeing some once you walk around!


Before they add events like this, they should probably fix all the glitches in battles. The buttons not working half the time or battles freezing gets real old


Here’s a screenshot to give a better idea of what you’re looking for. Gonna go try it out shortly!


Anyone know how close you have to be?


Same proximity as the supply drops.


Can someone who attempted the Strike events confirm any of the following details:

  • How hard are the strike events and what you need to complete to win (defeat a team of dinosaurs… i.e. exact same as Battle with bots :rofl:)? Does the level of bots depend on your level? Or is it same for everyone (lower level players would find it tougher while it would be a walk in the park for high level players)?
  • How many attempts are allowed at one time? Just 1?
  • If we completed the number of max attempts, how do you see the cooldown timer?
  • There are different strike events allover the place. If you attempt a strike event at one location, and when you try to attempt another one at different location, does it consider it the same strike event? (If it is same, the Strike Events might not be as exciting as I expected).

Sorry for asking so many questions, I felt this might help others before they attempt it in hurry!


only took me one attempt and it’s 3 battles and you face 1 in the first and so on… they are about level 7 or something and I’m guessing it changes every 2 days, whether in difficulty or not I don’t know


They show you the dino’s and level. Over kill with just one of my dino’s easy incubator prizes.


Thanks for the screenshot! It helped understand what we are against!
I am assuming they are starting with easy battles. The difficulty levels might increase as we go further.


This looks neat!! Can’t wait to try it later :smile:


man that so awsome, we are go so excited, best job alls game´s android in play store, LUDIA IS AWSOME WITH UNIVERSAL STUDIOS I LOVING !!!


guys can do it in veicle, or need stoped in location ?


It should be same as launching for any supply drops, hunting dinosaurs.
You get in 30m proximity (the event is within your inner circle range), you launch and play.
Won’t matter if you are still, walking or in a car.


Have to stop as you have to reclick each stage of battle.


I can see 3 from my house: one quite close, one a little walk away, and the other appears to be in a highway which sort of sucks. Still…looking forward to giving it a go!


Are they all just common ones so far have not seen anything higher level yet?