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Posimetrodon loses to one of its primary ingredients Dimetrodon, please fix

In theory the upgrade is supposed to be better than either of the primary ingredients.
This is not the case with Posimetrodon and Dimetrodon.
Currently Posimetrodon loses a head to head with Dimetrodon, even though it goes first.
The base damage for Posimetrodon is 1000, while the primary ingredients have a base of 1400 for Dimetrodon and 1200 for Postosuchus respectively.
I think Posimetrodons damage was accidently lowered too much and should be 1200 or greater.
I know this might not affect anything in the grand scheme of things, but it still bothers me.
Thank you


I don’t think this is necessarily a problem, Meg loses to Gorgo, Ankyd loses to Anky, and Thylo can lose to Sucho (mind games). You have to consider niche, and with Posti being raid focused as well as being designed to last longer than Dime, I think this is fine


Posti does need a buff


this is a good buff for it


I do see your point about Meg, but Gorgosuchus is a hybrid and not a simple primary ingredient and Megalosuchus is one of the absolute worst legendary creatures and also needs to be buffed.
I believe they even made Megalosuchus a raid creature hoping it would be used more, and from what I can tell it might be the least raided creature out there.
But if we are talking game mechanics we are also talking about a fierce (gorgo) going against a fierce resilient (Meg). A Fierce tends to beats resilient creatures and fierce resilient creatures. They have that rock paper scissors circle of balance going. Where a resilient beats cunning, and cunning beats fierce, fierce beats resilient. The multifunctional creatures still tend to obey those rules. So a fierce resilient will beat a resilient. Dimetrodon and Positmetrodon are both under the “fierce” category so that game mechanic does not apply.

As for your Ankyd versus Anky, I am not quite sure which creatures you are talking about.
If it is Ankylocodon (fierce resilient) versus Ankylodicurus (resilient) than fierce resilient still beats resilient.

As for thylocator versus suchotator they are both wildcards, but I think we both know that the thylocator has a swap in ability, and you are ignoring that in your equation.
As for the mind games I also don’t see it.
Let’s assume they both start with their bleeds, because why would they not?.
Thylocator goes first and does 1000 damage and the bleed which will do 1800 damage at the start of the next turn and the turn after that another 1800, therefore killing suchotator.
Suchotator does it’s lethal wound for 1300 and Thylocator will take 1485 damage at the start of the next turn and the turn after that another 1485, and later another 1485 if it is still alive next turn and not cleansed.
All thlyocator has to do is prowl, cleansing the DOT at the start of it’s next turn ensuring no matter what suchotator dies.
If suchotator does a nullify for 1950, Thylocator dies and suchotator dies and it ends in a tie.

If thylocator does it’s rend, suchotator dies.
If suchotator does instant distraction the rend is negated but suchotator will die the next turn.

Assuming instant distraction, and thylocator prowls, suchotator gets in the killing blow ensuring the tie.

Thylocator can’t have it’s speed reduced, so what am I missing, how can Suchotator win?

Both take a tick from their respective DoT, but here, if Thylo cuts with RT and gets distracted, it’s put in such a position that it’s pretty dang close to useless. If it goes prowl, then Sucho can cut with NI and tie, I neglected to mention that they draw, not having Sucho win.

Sucho also has less reliance on bleed and rend, one of Thylo’s major flaws which is why both are Mid Elite while one seems league better

You also calced with wrong stats, Thylo has 1000 attack, not 1215, and also doesn’t have 5415 HP.

Sorry I was editing things, but as long as we agree that Suchotator can’t beat thylocator, only tie, than I guess it rather mutes your point.

It doesn’t, as it means that by your logic Sucho is on par with Thylo.

I do think Postimetrodon needs a buff, but I don’t think the ability of a hybrid to take out its ingredients necessarily says anything about how good it is, since creature A beating creature B doesn’t make A better than B.

In this case, since Posti is also fierce and faster than Dime, I do think it should beat Dime.


No. Thylocator can beat Sucho, it just can’t lose to Sucho.
Also as I said before Thylocator has a swap in move.

It can, I literally just explained that to you.

Also, Sucho isn’t totally reliant on bleed and rend.

If thylocator always starts with Bleed, Sucho always dies.
Sucho never wins, at best it can only tie. I am missing the part where Sucho lives and Thylocator dies.