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Position in alliance

So I went to check out the “last online” bit in the alliance.

I found that I appeared right at the bottom of the alliance, under all those with 0 trophies, instead of towards the top. I restarted the game to see if that would fix it, and now I appear higher up but at the very bottom of those that have trophy points and above anyone that has 0 points.

I assume this happens for everyone when looking at their own name in their alliance?


Yeah, I’m at the bottom when I should be 8. Are you the leader?

No just a member.

Was wondering if it dumped me at the bottom because I’m the leader…so weird

I am at the bottom also

As am I - am the Leader and also have the highest trophy count.

Ah well, another update…another bug.


Hey everyone, if you’re still having this issue after you’ve completed a battle, could you reach out to our support team here at so our team can investigate?


Kind of weird. I’m the leader and I should be third in my Alliance, but I’m lower than top 10.

I’m a member in my alliance and same issue but honestly who cares lol… death to Draco!


I used to be top of my alliance, found myself at 20th after the update and after each battle, I dropped further down. Now bottom of list at 50th!

Same here, leader with 5300 trophies and currently behind every other member with less trophies.

Alliance leader and I’m appearing right at the bottom below the 0 trophy players despite having a score.

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Same alliance leader and at 0 trophies

Same here. Leader, highest trophy count in the alliance, number 50 behind members who still have 0 trophies.

But it seems to be happening to everyone - others can see your correct rank, but they see themselves right above members who still have 0 trophies (or at the very bottom).

Another issue I have noticed: when you look at the alliances of friends (or any alliance) it no longer shows the leader - all 50 are now members. This is not the case when I look at my own

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I go into my alliance that i run, my score right now is higher than everyone else in it. The problem im having is when im looking at everyone my rank is 5 and sometimes even at the bottom even though my trophy level is higher. This started happening after latest update. Anyone else experiencing this? J

I am experiencing this as well… hope they fix soon

Les escribo ei o para que por favor soluciones mi ubicacion en mi alianza, después de la última actualización me han ubicado en ultimo lugar a pesar de ser el primero en trofeos, espero solución al problema por favor.

Translated From Spanish

I am writing to you so that you can solve my location in my alliance, after the last update they have placed me in the last place despite being the first in trophies, I hope to solve the problem please.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

Same here. At the end of the friends list (below friends with 0 trophies)
In the alliance list right above the 0 trophies members.