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Positive change for Grypolyth

So we all know that grypolyth is Feirce-resilient. It’s preety useful. But there r some situation where grypolyth litarally can’t do anything. Amma try to point out some of them

In the current meta and endgame, grypolyth is becoming useless day by day. How? The answer is rending registence and no distraction registence. Let me explain.

Grypolyth is a Feirce-Resilient, meant to kill cunning and resilent. But the thing it is not good at it (without proper boost). As we all know there r some unexpected Dino that can actually kill grypolyth even tho it shouldn’t have. For example hadro, spyx, erlidom, quizar, dilocherous, monorino and grogotrebax. And this r not just those resilent and cunning that grypolyth meant to kill but gets beaten. And now there r referenantem and hydroboa coming making it more complicated to use.

Grypolyth is a unique super hybrid it doesn’t deserve to be that bad. It needs some changes to help it complete with the meta. Many ppl still does use it including me where I have to face the remaining gorgotrexbax or monorino with my last creature grypolyth :/.

Why am I saying this? I because it is not the case with other feirce-resilient we know, like Maxima and tryko. Which r still going pretty good with the meta, where grypolyth is struggling.

What’s the solution from me? I would say change the rending counter to defence shattering counter, make the armour piercing strick to defenive strick, give it 5% more aurmor and give it 25% distraction registence. Many might think it’s too much, but hey think about it, anything can change with meta.

How would it work? Well at least with the distraction registence and no blockage from rending registence, it can at least do more damage to something like a gorgo and monorino. And if we use a feirce like Thur and mortem or Feirce-cunning like Megan we can easily beat it.

That’s what I think tell me how much u agree/disagree with me and what do u think. :slight_smile:

It’s not terrible but I do think it’s meant to be more of an tank buster than an resilient creature. Taking away rending counter will completely change its purpose. It will become much more similar to dio and I think that isn’t really needed. Besides there are a lot of other creatures that need reworks like spinocon. 5% more might help a little bit but it’s supposed to die to cunnings. There might be more cunnings in the arena but grypo honestly plays it’s role perfectly.

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It needs more health, give him back his old 4440 health and he will be ok

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Oh no I told to switch the rending counter to shattering counter.

I agree it could use something. Some increased attack or more armor or have replace Ferocious Defense with Short Defense or Taunting shields that has an attack with it.

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I agree it’s more a tank buster but then mammo, maxima, rhino and Gemini have 100% swap resistance and even skoona resistance to swap Prevention is high. So they run every time they see a grypo and with so many swappers it’s easy to chose running.

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