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Positive comments about boosts

Most threads seem to end up talking about boosts, directly or indirectly, and identifying all the problems with them. I find myself hovering over threads typing out (then deleting) the same replies again and again. Its boring and dull and I’m sick of sounding like a broken record, so I would like to try a different tack.

What are peoples positive feelings about boosts? How have they helped the game, and your experience of it? What benefits have you seen?

I love it that I don’t see many in the arena! :wink:

Actually I think they are much more balanced now and I like that they are now in regular incubators!


Boost give a way around the speed tie issue… so there is that. Honestly as they are right now… mostly an incubator reward they are not bad. Once they start being sold… thats my main problem.


I have always been very critical of the boost and I have also been critical of the change in this version because I saw only the bad part and that is that in the future, in a few months and if there is no new change, again there will be a lot of difference between teams boosted and not boosted by linearity instead of exponentiality in increasing Boost. That said, I think the situation now is not bad because:

  1. Thinking together and not in a single creature, the dinosaur level becomes more important than in the previous version and that is much more fair with users who spend the day hunting and cannot or do not want to buy boosts.
  2. With the free boosts increases you can make various configurations of creatures that bring variety to the game.
  3. Those who buy Boost have an important advantage over those who do not buy (especially on the subject of speed) which is an incentive for them to continue buying boosts, although perhaps not with the anxiety of before. As I said, in addition, each week that passes this difference will increase.
  4. Ludia continues to have a way to earn money, which is correct, since she must return on her investment.

Therefore and in conclusion. I would be much happier in a world without boosts but, since it is logical that there are formulas for Ludia to earn money based on giving “power” to people who spend that money, I think the state today is quite correct and can allow everyone a good experience.

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Although I’m not a big fan of them, the update has been a blessing where they are concerned. The Arena feels much better with this incarnation of boosts with games being a whole fairer. The Arena has become fun again.

Well … u have to think twice before u press boost button on the certain creature. Looking a bit forward in the future … all the new dinos gonna be useless since u spend all of your boost, the gap will be so huge that tier list will no matter at all.

I am repeating myself over and over again. All the boost should be patch oriented. After every patch, the boost should reset. In every patch there is re-balance of the dinos, tier list changes and so on … but boost somehow stay … If this is the last patch and the change will never happen again, boost system is perfect, but if the boost do not reset in next patch and your lovely boosted Tryko, Erlidom or Magna get rebalance u will swear on boost system again.


Thanks to all who have replied. I do find it interesting that all the responses are faint in praise and generally seem to prefer a unboosted world.

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