Possibility of a boost shuffle/reset next update

I was just wondering if everybody thinks there’ll be a boost shuffle/reset in 2.9, since Ludia has stated that they plan to do reworks/buffs and nerfs every other update, with the last one being in 2.7. Since they did major buffs and nerfs, they chose to do a shuffle. I’m hoping they do in 2.9 also, as I’ve made some bad boosting choices and really want to fix them…

Happy cake day! :cake:

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Thanks, I appreciate it

Very unlikely since it seems to be almost 1 time a year. I believe it was 9 months or so since the other one. You’d think they waited to have a shuffle for the next major update like 3.0 or whatever the annual update will be.

Seriously… yikes… looks like I’m learning from my mistakes lol

1 year!!! Damn. Looks like have to get some penalty :dizzy_face:

So October 2020 was one.

Then the one that we just had recently.

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Not for a while. Most likely a major update that changes the game majorly. Or when they ballance a contested creature like when they did the monolometrodon and sarcorixis nerfs.