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Possibility of Erlidominus Gen 2?

Since Indom Gen 2 exists, why dont we come up with an Erlidominus Gen 2 (since regular indominus makes indoraptor and erlidominus, why not do the same for indominus gen 2)

Both erlikos already make a unique. And both are difficult to find in the wild, I think we’re good


I really hope erlidom g2 isn’t gonna need erlik g2, I really want to keep it for spyx xd.

Ah but do we have a deinocheirus g2? LOL


Let’s get G2’s of every legendary and elite.

I’m down for more GEN 2s.

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Tryko Gen2 too. With Rex Gen3, Ankytro Gen2 and magikarp


For a Tryko g2, let’s make one with Gorgosarus, Nodosaurus and Kentrosaurus!

I’d doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of the original does it?

I agree. I think the different ingredients are what make a gen 2 hybrid so exciting.

I imagine a Tryko g2 with a vulnerability move (g1 had one in 1.1), ferocious rampage (why not?) and a maybe a passive ability (maybe call it Survival Instinct or Tactical Advantage?) to do more damage as its health drops.

No more Gen 2 hybrids please.

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I think only Indominus and Indoraptor warrant gen 2’s since their gen 1’s are both iconic and somewhat lacking move wise. I think they just really wanted to make a way to use the raptor squad dna tbh.

If Indominus 2 makes another super hybrid I want it to be something different. Like an Indominus family pterosaur or a spinosaur offshoot.

Like Indominus 2+Pteranodon= Pteradominus. Or Indominus 2+Baryonyx= Indonyx

To me that would be really cool

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Trykosaurus Gen 2

Rarity: Legendary

Materials: Gordosaurus (a made up epic rarity hybrid using Nodo and Gorgo. Only way to get this to be a legendary and not a unique) + Kentrosaurus

Hp: 4600
Attack: 1570
Armor: 30%
Crit Chance: 20%
Speed: 110


Vulnerability Strike
Instant Distraction
Defense Shattering Rampage
Ferocious Impact

Swap in Invincibility
.50x counter attack

Erlidominus Gen 2

Rarity: Legendary

Materials: Indominus Gen 2 and Erlikosaurus Gen 2

Hp: 3600
Attack: 1350
Armor: 0%
Speed: 128
Crit Chance: 5%


Minimal Speedup Strike
(new move) Mutual Rampage (deals 2x damage, speeds up by 10%, adds ferocity to both opponents)
Strike and Run

Swap in Distraction

For Erlidom G2, maybe they could include Therizinosaurus into the game. For me, Therizinosaurus would be Epic, because it was the first dinosaur of its genus to ever introduce me to its kind.

But if it ever comes to the game and is anything else, then whatever. I’d be disappointed, but not too angry.

Anyway, @Ketchup

That looks sick. But what if it could get that new vulnerability move to up its game. Would be interesting to see another dino with Superior Vulnerability and have a counter attack. Imagine the damage output :heart_eyes:

“Vulnerable Counter-Attack”

Applies vulnerability for 1 turn when surviving a hit

…that would be OPAF

OMG would it! Bruh, imagine the pain you’d feel just seeing it xDDD

Oh, if you wanna hear something op, i came up with something involving the rat that could break the game hard


Rarity: Unique

Materials: Dracoceratops + Ankylosaurus

Hp: 3600
Attack: 1200
Armor: 25%
Speed: 107
Crit Chance: 5%


Minimal Speedup Strike
Instant Invincibility

Not only does it cause suffering via swapping in, itll cause suffering in actual battle too if you lack a chomper

1x vulnerable counter attack
Swap in Rampage

You madman.

Bruh, don’t give Dr. Wu any ideas on that! DracoRat has already given peeps enough grief as is :sweat_smile:

I came up with something even worse a while back. Imma message it to you

For that reason I introduced MagiKarp in the equation