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Possibility to Change Daily Missions

Hey Ludia and everyone.

It would be really cool if we could have the ability to change or skip just one daily mission a day for another one. Let’s say, you have one busy day where you know you can’t make 60 bullseye hits so you change that mission for another one.

Wouldn’t be cool?

60 Bullseye is easier than the Collecting Rare DNA.
1 question though - normally 60 Bullseye comes with Firing 100 darts. So, my question is, you cannot get 60 Bullseye in 100?

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Imo the really annoying missions are when u have to fight 12 battles and there are no multi-step strike events that day, 12 battles in the arena nowadays is torture

The “bullseye” mission was just an example (although I really hate it because I’m bad at darting :grin:). The point is to Ludia give us an option to change one mission per day if we need/want to.

So many times that I would enjoy it

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If the reward can be given if you can complete say 6 out of 8 missons, that would be nice. Some missions are really annoying. I agree with @TheNumenor that collecting rare DNA is difficult. It could be fine if it comes right after Sunday as the alliance reward gives us many rare DNA. 12 battles is another problem. If there is no multistep strike towers or no online friends respond to your battle request, you have to go to the arena even when there is no incubator slot.

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