Possibility to have "shiny" creatures in the game!

For lovers of collections, this may be what they have been looking for for a long time.

The idea is simple, while looking for creatures on a normal day, you may suddenly find one of a different color. Sure you are wondering, how?

Well, very easy! To keep it mysterious, you won’t be able to see if a creature is shiny or not. To discover it you must hunt it with your drone.

Due to the infrared scope of the drone it is impossible to distinguish colors, but do not worry.

The shiny creatures will release little sparkles around them! It doesn’t matter how much DNA you have collected since when you hunt a shiny it will automatically be yours! And I know what you are thinking. So will I have two Amphicyons? The answer is “no” since shinys are considered skins.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how glitter works, it’s time to check them out in your collection.

The shiny creatures can only be obtained once, if after obtaining them they appear again, after capturing them you will see a note that will say that this shiny is already yours. (In the same way as emotes)

Already within your collection you will be able to appreciate the colors that make brilliants so special. If you don’t like them, no problem because it can be disabled, you can even see your “shiny” in AR!

You are excited? Let me tell you there is still more! To get the most out of the shiny, they can also appear in raids!

If a boss is shiny he can be seen by the whole team, and do you know what it means? That’s right, shiny for everyone!

Hey but don’t get too excited, if you and your team lose the raid then the shiny will be gone, and if you try again it won’t come out again. This maintains the difficulty of obtaining shiny ones.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed this suggestion. Here I share some “shiny” designs that I made of some dinosaurs. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, see you. :grin:


More or less a solid idea…cannot call them shiny and may need to be careful not to fully copy the pokemon machine. But calling them variants or something else would be cool.


Some of these shiny designs look really cool, I would love to have skins like these in-game.


Could be interesting if this was added along with an overall skin system. I don’t know how you would get shiny hybrids that don’t spawn in the wild otherwise.


Pay 5 $/creature to unlock the glowing feature

It could be skins like in JWE.

Mortem rex now become Godzilla 100%


The only way to obtain them would be through raids, it will be impossible to obtain for example a “shiny” Trykosaurus unless they include it as a boss at some point. Although I agree with the majority to change the name “shiny” for another that does not bring copyright problems.


They would have to make raids for every single hybrid then, which I doubt they’ll do. I really like these alternative skins, and it would be a shame if it was limited to only a few creatures.

shiny seems too much like pokemon, but the concept i like.

We could always have special strike towers and stuff, with the skin as the reward.
You could also have skins rewarded for completing achievements (getting your first level 30, etc) and for completing certain campaign missions.


Maybe something like “mutated?”


me likey. i accept, skins would also be cool. maybe it could be called shiny skin

Something I forgot to mention is that these type of variant creatures can also be placed in shrines. Surely many would use it just to show off, maybe even put an Amphicyon just for that. :t_rex:

(The DNA collection of this type of dinosaurs in sanctuaries will be like feeding anyone, I mean, you can’t get a variant in sanctuaries, for that you must capture it on the map)

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from jwa to pokemon world alive

Perhaps call them ‘Gleams’ instead?

This is a incredibly great idea! However we already have gen2 creatures which will be an issue.

I don’t think it’s a problem since the variants are only skins and not separate creatures, the Gen2 could also have their variants.:sparkles:

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why does it say “ra” instead of “ar”