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Possibility to hide Raid Bosses Layer


It would be very helpful if you create a possibility (maybe a small button or a menu entry) what turns on/off the raid bosses on the map. If I walk around to catch dinos from the map the raids do nothing else than slow down and/or crash the game. In addition I click very often on a supply stop/sactuary/event stop/money box/dino near a raid and it is absolutely not possibile to get them in focus if a raid boss stomps over them…


I’ve suggested many times already they remove the big raid dinos from the map and create a new Raid Tower similar to strike towers, where you can then chose which Raid to enter for that day from one Raid Tower.

This solves the stupid hitbox issue that has been failed to be fixed. It would also help situations where it is more likely someone in a raid of four players will have access to a lobby.

But these ideas seem to just get ignored as there’s been no acknowledgement of them.


I’ve also requested this. The map is so cluttered, and having these giant bosses stomping around is making it hard to tap anywhere, especially when they’re roaming directly around a dino/drop.

The great thing is I already have this mode most of the time since a boss only spawns in my radius about once a week!