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Possible 2.9 tier list based on the update

Well here a did a tier list of the possible change to resilient class, after u see the tier lis I will say why I decide some changes:

As we know all creatures that had resilient strike had lost their ability to control the speed of the opponent reason why many dinosaurs that had resilient strike had lose some rank.

Mammulania being one of them now she cant decelerate its opponent as as Dio and hadros lux.
Magnus didn’t go down cuz he is inmune and he can speed increase himself so its still use full, tryko as well since has a counter attack and can destroy shield and has lots or amour.

New dudes in tyrant: POukandact, Snake dude :D, allorap, dracorat 2.0 the phorubird, rinex, testa and refrenatem this is basically since now that had a buff and resilient can’t reduce much their speed they will go higher on the ranks.

Spinoconstrictor is 2 reasons, 1 since it had a buff and has 75% resistance to speed decrease, and 2 being a Scorpius Rex gen 3 counter, its faster and scorpius has to use its instant ambush and spinocon easily use precise rampage, and done scorpius dead next turn.

some dinosaurs like indoraptors and indominus have gone up for different reasons, indoraptors went up since he won’t be decelerated again like they did to often and indominus rexes since the are a only a few creatures that counter cloak.

So u can check the tier list and tell me if u desagree on something were u reply

Edit: I feel youtuber idkw

I feel a really fast Tenrex might be able to bring the pain.
I could be wrong, but it’s going to be a whole new game.
I’m kinda… re-excited?
It needed something. Not sure if this is it, but I’m ready to put down pogo for a bit.


Yeah now like tenontorex, now need to be really quick to be a pain in you’re team

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*looks at self *
The power I could possess…


U must be happy u are a Scorpius rex gen 3 counter :smiley:

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I’m just happy I’m possibility relevant again, this would just be a cherry on top!


Yeah and i will add the Spinocon to my team replacing tenontorex :smiley:

Alloraptor wont get anything.
Tryko got even worse.
Magna got nerf (indirect).
Dodoc is now broken.
Mlania mhm hard to predict.
Tento and acrocantho will go harvoc now.

I love the patch.
Can we discuss Hadros?
She lost her slow turn 1, but a 4x dmg looks sick in exchange.


Lol this update added a lot of Scorpius and compy counters

How is Antarctovenator so low? It literally got a damage buff, and revenge definite rampage. It also has a complete immunity to vulnerability and the reduction of vulnerability resistances makes it’s vulnerability impact more viable. Not to mention it now beats so many more things that it didn’t before


I agree on allo and tryko, both really are not going to do that good, magna is wait and see due to the fact it has to face more cunnings but at the same time it one the best anti resilient and fierce creatures as well as being nearly full immune which give lots of potential and it’s one of the few cunnings that can go toe to toe with the new lux and skoona. Dodocevia got indirectly nerf due to spinocon, poukan, rinex and the deer. Mammolania like you said is hard to predict turn 1 and 2 nothing will chnage damage wise only turn 3 but most times it either doesn’t survive that long or the creature it faces is already dead.


Easy answer, cunnings, when you that’s slow and that low hp 100 extra attack really isn’t gonna help not t mention DR 2-turn cooldown leaves it a sitting duck.

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You have to keep in mind it’s full distraction immunity and it’s armour to help it survive against cunning’s. It will also greatly benefit from speed boosts

Not really, take spxs for example in two turns it can dish out 5,250 in two hits which is just enough to kill it, rinex 5,775 more than enough to kill it and then swap, Orion has LV meaning it can just tanks that impact and have enough hp to survive and kill it, all flocks give it a lot of trouble, magna is immune, poukan now resistant and with an impact and hp and attack buff, erlidom just need to go cloak.

It’s need to be very very fast to even benefit from that 50% speed decrease, my nemys at 149 speed barely goes over 112 speed when slowed and it’s base is 127. You gonna need to waste a lot speed boosts which at max gets you to 150 speed or just 113 speed when slowed not really worth the boosts, especially if you sacrificing hp and attack.

It’s not to be fast when slowed, it’s to be faster then tanks to kill with RDR. Also it beats some pretty important things. Like ceramagnus, hadros lux, grypo, tryko, thor, etc

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All I’m saying is that it’s far from bad. It’s extremely viable now and versatile. Many others will agree

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Tbh tryko is not that good after the patch because most things will out speed and destroy shields

Magnus I believe but even then you have to be lucky, lux definitely not especially with the heal it has, grypo yeah, tryko it has to crit, Thor need to be critted on.

Yeah really should have added a decel counter or something