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Possible abuse of the leveling system?

Well uh… It was a bot? Complete with verb-noun name and everything. (And yes, I’m still kicking myself for not taking a screenshot!) Level 7/8 means that not all the epics are unlocked, and none of the legendaries are. With stuff like that, it should’ve been nearly impossible to get into Arena 7, especially during the battle event that was going on. Their equipment wasn’t very powerful for their level, either.

Also, it was meant to back up the “I won too many in a row so now I’m facing level 20 bots” from a different side, rather than being a complaint…

Edit: ADJECTIVE-noun name

That’s What I Do, I Haven’t Level Up Any Of My Crew Past Lev 10,
AND I’ve Beaten Teams With Lev 13 Two Lev 12 And Lev 10,
Not Saying It Wasn’t A Challenge, Because It Most Certainly Was,
One Wrong Move And I Would Have Lost!!! But I Get Way More Joy From Playing The Was I Do, Makes Me Feel Like I Did Something!!! LoL​:joy::wink:
I Know People Be Furious Because They Lost To A Team Of My Stature​:muscle::joy::grin::tongue:
I Always Say, It’s All About Your Gear Upgrades!!!

You did not understand my complain then because it is not their level that bug me and that they defeat me. It because I understand they can play with only a few character being picked on their random team. The roster mechanic was to avoid a new character being forced on your team.

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I too choose not to level, i am a free player and strategically it is a better use of scarce gold to focus on gear. I did go to 11 for a handful😣

Its a choice how to advance the characters, gear or level and each has a cost. I would think by level 10 players have invested in strategy and recognise this. In dnd they dont chatge you to level up.

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I found the post where I first suggested this strategy on the forums, so it’s definitely not new.

Yeah I don’t think it’s an issue, the matchmaking algorithm somehow takes gear into account so he still gets matches that are fair.

I didn’t get that rets was been sarcastic on first read through though :wink:

As I said in other thread I’ve always levelled my characters and I’ve never seen more than one enemy that’s been more than one level above my characters.

These Are Pretty Normal Matches For Me.

And It WASN’T A Bot

Online forums are a terrible medium for satire. Yet it amuses me so I persist.

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As long as leveling costs gold and is optional, players will figure this out and use it to their advantage. After all it’s a valid point to simply say I can’t afford to waste the gold. Then it’s not even a cheating/exploit etc argument, it’s a simple gold issue with better options to use it on

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Except you get the equipment pack when you level and the satisfaction of advancing them

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Another player who doesn’t level characters but rather gear, again supporting the argument that the algorithm does matching largely on the basis of gear

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It more then likely base on trophy and nothing else

Nope because people with similar trophies to mine (but unlevellled characters) are getting huge level disparities that I never get.

Thinks it’s trophies first but then also gear, psossibiy a simple legendary count?

It appears the algorithm (which was horrendous) was abandoned when the trophy count was implemented. Since then, the trophy variance between myself and PvP opponents has never exceeded 200 trophies. If there is no opponent available within this range, the system generates a bot.

I don’t think any other factors are considered in the matchmaking process.

I don’t really care all that much about pvp other than to get my chests and free stuff. As long as I stay above 2200 I get the max cards in my chests so I don’t care if I go any higher.

I like the accomplishment of leveling up my characters. I care more about seeing them “grow” than about some trophy count that doesn’t really mean anything. If my gear at a certain level isn’t quite as strong as someone else’s at that level, I just figure I will catch up eventually.


Yes your probably right - the level disparity is because they r artificially keeping their level low yet advancing their characters with gear and hence getting up into the higher trophies

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My Last Match, Again Not A BOT

I Do Get A Glorious Feeling Off A Match Like This!!! :joy::tongue::grin::wink:
And My Domination Didn’t Work On The Fire Stick Chic!!!:poop::tongue:

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There’s only one flaw in your argument - I am F2P and renown 14, I’ve levelled every piece of gear until I got all my characters to level 10 then just levelled gear that I wanted to use from then. I have continued levelling characters (all11-13) and I have no items awaiting upgrade and am never without the gold I need to level a character or gear. The levelling brings new items and more gold that keeps you up to speed.

Perhaps I’ll hit a wall at some point at which time I’ll just level gear but no issues so far

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Another Tough Match!!! But I Still Got Em👅

I always get trashed by level 10 players with great gear. I made the mistake of getting all my players