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Possible Active Day Mechanics


it seems that park-locked creatures will be allowed to run wild for one day per week. at the moment, the list of creatures with active days and the list of creatures that were park-locked in 1.6 have a large, but imperfect, overlap. perhaps what is and what is not park-locked has changed with 1.7? perhaps the active creatures will rotate? only time (or metahub) will tell. it also seems that each day will have one common, one rare, and one epic. here’s what i have so far:

monday: hatzegopteryx, tupandactylus*, and smilodon.

tuesdsay: ankylosaurus gen 2, an unknown rare, and procerathomimus*.

wednesday: ophiacodon, ankylocodon, and maiasaura.

thursday: tanycolagreus, an unknown rare, and purutaurus.

friday: iguanodon, tyrannosaurus rex gen 2*, and edmontoguanodon*.

saturday: stegosaurus, purrolyth, and darwinopterus.

sunday: dilophosaurus gen 2, triceratops, and ankylosaurus.

*were not park-locked in 1.6.

dimodactylus, lythronax, purussaurus gen 2, tenontosaurus, amargocephalus, pteranodon, quetzalcoatlus, and sarcosuchus were park-locked in 1.6, but do not currently have active days.

if you know the tuesday or thursday rares, let me know! (i suspect that they will be among the new non-hybrid creatures.)


U mean the daily migration article meta already released ? Lol



it was probably posted while i was working on my list.

edit: it’s worth mentioning that that graphic is poorly organized.