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Possible alloraptor hybrid idea

Would love to know what you think.
Could maybe swop stegosaurus for stegocera as the second component.
The design would be in the shape of alloraptor but with the sails on the back(small) and the thago
Screenshot_20210413-175614_Samsung Internet Screenshot_20210413-175621_Samsung Internet

This is the stegocera version please let me know what you think it better?
Screenshot_20210413-201100_Samsung Internet Screenshot_20210413-201116_Samsung Internet Screenshot_20210413-201144_Samsung Internet
The stegocera version should not have crit reduction my bad

What about alloconstrictor?

(allorapter and stegoceratops) I think this would be a great overpowered hybrid. Lydia might change it if added but I think it would dominate it’s battlefield

The only thing is, stegoceratops has a hybrid.

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Yeah, but if this was out there it would be the better hybrid

Can you even mix hybrids?

currently I don’t think so, I believe that this form goes against the way hybrids work in this game, but I’m not sure


And you can’t fuse two hybrids

Yeah. I prefer the first one with just the stego the second one is more of a gimmick. Thought it would be funny to see a raptor use dig in :joy:


alloraptor main disapproves.

Do you like the wildcard idea? :joy: @KillerT_77

i just dont think those ingredients belong with it. i think the best combo would be alloraptor and megistotherium. enhancing alloraptor’s health and giving it no escape, while keeping alloraptor’s stellar moveset and damage output.

To be honest I only used stego because I thought it would look cool with the spikes on the tail and the plates on the back @KillerT_77

Screenshot_20210426-184441_JW Alive
Waiting for its hybrid. Dont ask why I put boostes on it :joy:

i wont ask, because ive done the same. i have a lot of boosts on mine. its my mascot hybrid, after all

Yeah :joy:
I used it as a good maxima counter but thor instant charge and trykos aren’t friendly towards it.
But honestly it has the best design in the game in my opinion.