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Possible alloraptor hybrid idea

This. Is. Awesome. What more can I say? This is a beast. We need this.


Yooo… Too OP

nah, scorps, thor, erlidom ect… can kill it

If you set up properly, that thing can kill pretty much anything, especially if boosted. It also has really good resistances and the most on-escape damage in the entire game. If you’re gonna keep Persistent Ferocious Strike, lower the damage to at most 1400. It also needs a new turn 1 option if you want it to be less situational.



What do guys think about this?

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Surprisingly balanced for a fast wounder + glass cannon hybrid

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I don’t blame you. I had mine at 23 with 2 attack boosts, 144-142 speed and over 3k life.

When I used to have alloraptor I used it as a revenge killer with rampage. Then I would normally distracting rampage then rending takedown/rampage