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Possible answer to Monomimus QQing

Ok so a lot of ppl on these forums cry about Invincibility Emu being OP (which it’s not btw - annoying is != OP), so rather than nerfs I thought of something.

Perhaps add a new type of attack type to the game:
Shattering Strike, does x amount of damage, 1 or 2 round cooldown, cannot be dodged.

There you go Ludia no more crying for nerfs!

Send my royalties check to my PO box lol

i want another one which “cannot be stunned” too… i hate paramoloch

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Yeah like you do damage then it gives you a buff making you immune for one round!

It’s still a nerf…just like with the raptors. You’re suggesting changing the current game to deal with one legendary when it’s only an average one with low HP at that. That same move would make indo, indom, etc useless as well and frustrate a whole lot of people who worked forever to create them. It would be the new meta and we’d all be crying to nerf it too in 1.6. You’re on the right track though.

I just pray people stop obsessing over Monomimus. I wish mine was as good as every claims them to be, because mine aint.


Fair points but if swap-in Invincibility didn’t make Indominus useless I’m sure there would be a way to make my suggestion work.

And it would help deal with a few troublesome dinosaurs too, not just Invincibility Emu!

Heck for all we know the devs are already working on such an attack :crazy_face:

Well, I would much rather see them buff dinos than nerf them. I just see a lot of focus on the one dino…good or bad. There are way more dinos out there that cause me way more problems than her.

Also, the “cannot be stunned” is already out there in Immunity. Although I get your point as I loathe being stunned, and your post made me lol.

Yeah but having the ability to go immune from time to time (with a cool down of course) on a dinosaur that isn’t immune naturally might help add even more battle tactics to the game.

Like should I go for a stun next turn? might they pop their 1 round immunity attack to negate my stun?

You see where im going with this?

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Yes…I see. Great idea! Since it would be more like a move, versus a permanent state, you would still lose a turn and most likely a move. How about Immunity-Strike as a move or with .5 counter damage?