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Possible Bad News for 20+ Monomimus

Was talking to a buddy and we came to the realization: Monomimus is a a Super-Hybrid eligible dinosaur. With back-to-back Gallimimus showing up as event dinosaurs this and last week gives plausible reason to believe Ludia is prepping Monomimus for a Super-Hybrid


100% believe they are, but with what I don’t know :thinking:

I feel there is always the risk for any legendary without a unique currently to have a unique made and dna over level 20 could be wasted. But since level is so important … over leveled monomimus will still be strong

I’ve still not opened it up i was concentrating on the monostegatops and even then I’ve still only got it up to 18

Unless if they’re an active player, all my legendaries are staying in the high teens (even if there’s DNA to spare) for exactly this reason

It’s hard to resist. Monosteg needs +2 levels on IRex to counter it heads up so I’ve invested more there. And I like utahsinorap more than utarinex so I’ve gone way over 20 there. In general though, I do try to stay under 21

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If they make a unique, then they will nerf monomimus just like they did dilorano recently. They like making people work for something just to knock it down some and have a new toy to go for to get the exact same stats once again. Past president and all. I would bet that’s how it plays out. Just another reason that I stepped back from the game some. They are still adjusting and I’m tired of building just to have the rug pulled out from under the ones I build.


Yeah, I think I’m investing my Mono dna into Monostegotop this time. I think my Monomimus is staying at level 25

And maybe I should shift focus and only level up Uniques going forward

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any hybrid is eligible to get a super hybrid. this would seem to be a diorajasaur/rajakylosaurus scenario again where the legendary is actually better than the unique. just because something gets a unique doesn’t mean the legendary is useless.

it does nearly everything you could want though. if you thought it was bad now… they could fuse it with something that has long protection and shattering rampage. trade nullify impact for shattering and evasive for long protection. then people would really have something to whine about :joy:

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Or they can give Stegodeus a Unique hybrid :laughing:


I was thinking about this exact same nerf/unique scenario for Monomimus. Mine is at 20 and I’ll just hoard the DNA for now.

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I’ll likely push mine to 25 anyway. Knowing that I won’t have the other half ready anyway (whatever it might be)

I vote for a monoallomimus. Leaving the moves the same and adding in an armor piercing impact! Hahahahaha

I don’t think they would/can. Stegodeus is already a superhybrid

My money’s on a hybrid with the mighty purussaurus!

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I vote for Koolasuchus :rofl:


Stegodues is a legendary not a unique…stegogod could get the nerf oh heres a stegodues unique treatmeant just like dilo did.

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Definitely concavenator

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Tany + Monomimus hybrid :+1:


This actually would be a good idea lol… but 2k tawny dna per fuse would.make this a rough one to level…

What they mean is stegodeus is already a hybrid of a hybrid.
Uniques are the same,hybrid of a hybrid