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Possible balance for ardentis

I think if ardentis looses all speed resistance it would be more balanced

Most dinos only are able to hit ardentis once before dying so this in turn would make way more dinos be able to hit it twice

It is still very powerful but can be very easily revenge killed

Plus raids are unaffected

I think this would work because whenever I deal with ardentis you have to draw a dino first with full deceleration resistance or else it will rinse at least two dinos

What do you all think ?

Resistance to decel only matters on creatures which have slowing moves. None of those have the damage output to slow Dentist and twoshot her. Tenontorex can with DI + DSR but not SS + DSR.

I’d suggest that the Dentist loses resistance to swap prevention. Right now, bleeders cannot do their thing because she can swap out easily (and there aren’t many pinning creatures in 2.0 at all …)

Also, maybe reduce her resistance to distraction and stuns? She’s difficult to counter because of the double rampage so those should help.


It’s true it would still be very powerful but also way easier to revenge kill and set up the next dino in line for a big hit

That’s why I think it would be surprising how balanced it would be

If it was a 1v1 it would be too overpowered
But this is a 3v3

Also even if tenrex was able to kill maxima hypothetically if it had more damage it would be easily revenge killed and would allow for the opponent to set up their dino for a big hit; unless tenrex was nitroboosted

This problem extends to all the decelerating creatures. They’re all setup fodder.

My issue with slowing Dentist is that none of the slowing creatures will twoshot it. You will lose one creature to Dentist no matter what and that’s only a small improvement from the current position.

It losing swap prevention resistance is a good idea, it should be like 50% resistance

It shouldn’t have any resistance to swap prevention.


Just lose a rampage. Shouldn’t have 2 rampage moves.


Just loose a rampage and nerf attack and crit and maybe distraction resistance and maybe swap resistance and maybe resilience attack and maybe he will be fine

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^ Or, it could just lose the Swap Resistance entirely or trade Defense Shattering Rampage for DSI.

Either of those would be pretty reasonable imo.

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Just change DSR to plain rampage now anything with good armour or shields destroys it and maybe remove distract & stun resistance as well

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That would work and it shouldn’t affect raids either

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more. THE PROBLEM WITH MAXIMA IS THAT IT HAS TOO MUCH DAMAGE OUTPUT

It is not that it has TSR

It is not 2 rampages (although that is still a lot)

It is not the resistances (even tho it should lose some)

Let me show you what I think it should be, this version retains most of it raids utility, just needs about 2-4 extra tiers of attack

Same Moves
100% Stun, Taunt, Speed Decrease, Vulnerable, Crit Reduction
50% Distract

This version allows it to be hit by no escape bleeders and most mid to endgame chompers, but it still beats most tanks and speedsters.


I would have the resisting distraction reduced to 0 and make it 107 speed. It’s slowing chompers like tryko down anyways, but now creatures like tenonto have a fighting chance against it

Honestly it should keep it’s stats and moves but it should just loose a lot of it’s immunity

A damage reduction would affect raids badly so it can’t have that

I agree 300 attack is a lot to make up you would need a 2000 attack maxima(before change) to beat mortem that way

Dinos aren’t the problem of arena, p2w bots and boosts are.

Most people don’t boost its speed to much. All bleeders are faster than her and choppers that are slower don’t have decelerations. Tanks wouldn’t win anyway.

What you seem to be referring to is the Irri/Tryos strat, which can be beaten by with that max with a Crit, every other strat requires a max from a player that could easily make up for that. Please correct me if I’m wrong

I like the creativity, but it creates a situation where the best counters for Ardentismaxima are slowing dinos. Not only does this go against Ludia’s “cunning beats fierce beats resilient beats cunning” philosophy, the best slowing dino right now is… Ardentismaxima. So you’d have a situation where the best counter for Ardentismaxima is itself. Admittedly, we kind of have that already, but this wouldn’t fix that problem.

Hence why the ideal nerf for maxima is a nerf to the damage stat

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