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Possible battle arena update


I enjoy this game like many others do. But I sometimes find the battle arena frustrating. Not only because we sometimes get paired up against people with way higher level dinos. But because sometimes you battle 3-5 times before you get a win. Then you get a 15 min incubator. I dont know if it’s currently based on an algorithm or if its random but I would like to propose a change.

Instead of getting incubators I think “battle coins” would be better. I think that just for completing a battle, win or lose, you should get one battle coin. Then the winner will get an additional 3 battle coins equaling 4 coins to the winner 1 to the loser.

Then the coins can be spent on incubators. Mind you these numbers for incubators are just my suggestion.
15m incubator - 1-2 coins
3 hour incubator - 4 coins
8 hour incubator - 8 coins
12 hour incubator - 12 coins
24 hour incubator - 24 coins

I leave price tweaking to ludia to make it fair. But I believe this will make the arena more rewarding in the long run. Allowing more active players to get more battling in. And less strategic or unlucky players to be a little less frustrated with their matchups.