Possible Brachiosaurus strat

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Also they have to deal Heavy Damage

This works well:



yep it does i altered it a alittle adding andrew in for more fun thanks sleepless :stuck_out_tongue:


those two strats look so boring.

Welcome to raids


Despite the pretty colors?

if you want science ones i,m sure i cna come up with something :stuck_out_tongue: trick is get one that works then play around with it

This strat works really well, my ankylodic is quite boosted, but isn’t necessary. If you don’t have an ankylodic with 1 speed boost, you can sub it out for either of the ankylosaurs

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Lol I might be able to do that because my Albert is so powerful except for the health i might need to check that

This worked well 3 times we ran it

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Is this raid a special raid or a weekly raid?

weekly raid

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Thanks for reply😊 people in our server/alliance were thinking it was a special raid. I thought it was a new weekly but didn’t want to give false info.

What level is your albert?


This works like a charm.

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16 why?
(10 cara)

It wasn’t clean at all but I managed to get it done with a team of only 3 people using Tsintaosaurus, Purrolyth and Suchotator. It was a close shave, but I think it’s possible to do without relying on criticals.