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Possible Bug - Fewer Spawns in 1.7?


I just started playing 5 days ago, and have noticed a huge decrease in the number of spawns OTHER than the event ones with the green boxes over them since 1.7 released.

My first couple of days, I could find what I will call “loose spawns” which were not a part of any event in huge numbers. I would typically see at least 2-4 in the typical 1500 meter circle from a fixed location. If caught, I would normally see them respawn within 20 to 30 minutes.

Since I completed all three events (36/36, 18/18, and 9/9) I have noticed that I see virtually NO “loose spawns” anymore.I can walk for blocks and see one that is not a part of an event I can no longer try to catch.

Is this intended or expected in normal gameplay?
Is it related to my increasing game level? (I’m now a lvl 7).

My wife is using an android phone and she does not see this.
Did they reduce the spawns on iPhones to help balance the late release for android users?

This may be explainable in some other way, but it almost seems like when I completed the events the “loose spawns” dried up and they are now at about one eighth or one tenth the frequency and at a much slower respawn. Even driving to a completely fresh area gets me virtually nothing to catch.

Anyone else seeing this?