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Possible bug for Swap in Distraction or Diplocaulus Gen 2


I’ve used Diplocaulus Gen 2 several times in friendly challenge, and its swap in distraction as well as instant distraction don’t work (have no effect at all).

I am not sure if it is a bug on Diplocaulus Gen 2, or on the above 2 mentioned abilities themselves.


What dinos are you using it against? I’m assuming they are not immune dinos?

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Saw this aswell icy,aswell for dilophosaurus,monolophosaurus:
Its write 90% less dmg but actually it nerf by 50%
Maybe,it will be done for next update

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I saw it too when i played strike event 1 week ago on monolophosaurus G2


It’s just a text bug.
Ludia will fix it next time.
They just messed up the text, it happens a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


But the OP said it had no effect at all. That’s not a text bug.


Then don’t use diplo gen 2 in battles.


Yup, they are not immune creatures. I tested it several times with Friendly battles.

It doesn’t reduce 90% nor 50%, it didn’t have any effect at all…


I’m not using it in arena right now. But I just like to test potential new combinations in Friendly Challenges.

I think swap in distraction has a lot of potential but right now with this bug it’s useless.


I know you’re using it in friendly battles.
Just dont use it until then.


In fact, this bug just cost me an epic strike.

I’ve used instant distraction on the Pteranodon, but it didn’t have any effect and my Suchu just died from a normal attack. Hence breaking my whole strategy.

Edited : In fact, it used Nullifying impact, which should not have any effect on distraction. But in case a dev member see this, it might help locating the problem.