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Possible Bug not sure

Loving the game so far. It’s really interesting and different.
Think I may have encountered a bug maybe?
So one of my matches is “offline for a while” but I keep getting notifications that they want to keep chatting.
As well their story didnt really end in a real satisfying ending.
Not sure what’s happening.

I know the dev’s have said theres no limit on matches but I’m also not getting anymore matches.

Just wanted to point this out and possibly get explained.

Thank you!

I think everyone’s getting the weird ‘x wants to keep chatting’ when they have nothing new for them as yet, but as for the unsatisfactory end, they’re all just on break for the moment, while they write more material, presumably. I think everyone’s very eager to see more, but from what I’ve pieced together from other posts complaining about the same issue, it seems like it’s been a long time since any new content has been added, which is rather disappointing. I hope they get things moving soon, but it is only in beta relaese, from what I understand.

That makes sense.
Yeah I really love the game, hope they add new content soon!