Possible bug


I’m using a Samsung S9+ running oreo OS. Whenever I use a Velociraptor in a battle and my competitor uses one as well it show my dino is faster. Now I understand that allows my dino to make the first move, however the competitor’s dino strikes first. Is that a bug?

Thank you
George Planas


Hey George_Planas, if you’re both using the same dino and they’re the same level. Then other factors will determine which dino gets to go first, it’ll be up to our players to find those out and to use them to their advantage.

I hope this helps!


How does that help if it shows his is faster then it should strike first if the speed indicator is showing you’re animal is faster and you’re using the same creature then the levels of the creature shouldn’t matter


No my dino is a higher level than my opponents dino. I would send a screenshot but its hard to do it while the dino is moving


Also need to take slow downs in effect. If a dino before your raptor came out slowed yours down, sometimes it still applies to the next dino you bring out.


That makes a lot of sense


There is a bug where the speed icon shows the lowest level as fastest for matching dinos without any speed effects. I’ve sent an email to support about it.
Example screen shot below is at the start of the fight.