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Possible challenge bug

I apologize if this is not a bug, but under the challenge event, it had 3 locations to explore, and when I did the most advanced, the other two disappeared so I can no longer go to them. Is this supposed to happen? If so, why? I wanted to leave the easier locations for when I was short on time and started with the most advanced as I had time to do it now. I am put out that this happened and I am confused as to why this event was not set up as a heroic adventure if I was supposed to do it in a certain order.

Hey fella, you have to pay attention on time left for each of em, as below:

Good luck, and welcome!

I had 3 as well and did not do any of them as I was just getting setup for the day. When i went to go back I only had the one. My guess is that since its based off the level of the person they accidently had all 3 up when it should have been just the highest one for your level and they fixed it while you were doing the one you were on.

Ha, if thats the case, king, then i got one sharpstone keep run in for free. Mods, care to fill us in?

I think this morning when the xp event kicked we all had 3 event and when the new event got in it kicked 2 of the extra xp event

Why would that happen? Mods?