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Possible De-Levelling System?

It would go something like this:

  1. You open up a creature’s file by clicking on the portrait in the Collection Tab
  2. Next to or just under where the game states its level, there would be an icon similar to the boost refund icon.
  3. When you click on the icon, you get a small Warning Box like: “Continuing will remove a level from this creature, a process which cannot be undone. Would you like to Continue?” Or something similar.
  4. You click the “Yes” button.
  5. The game removes a level from the creature in question. As compensation, you would get DNA and coins. You would get half the coins it takes to level the creatures up (De-Levelling a Lvl 20 creature with give you 20,000 coin).
  6. The DNA received would be half the DNA necessary to take the creature to that level. (Again, Lvl 20’s. If you De-Level a Lvl 20 Epic, you would get 375 DNA back). Hybrids would give you back the DNA of said hybrid, and not that of the components since that would get very messy very quickly.
  7. This might take a transfer of Hard Cash, although ideally it wouldn’t.

Edit: Creatures can only be de-levelled to their minimum level. So Uniques can go to 21, Legendaries to 16, Epics to 11, Rares to 6 and Commons all the way to 1.

Basically this system is for getting resources out of your currently useless creatures. You get coin and DNA at the cost of a level each.


I’d probably mostly use this if I ever accidentally overleveled a dino, but even for that it would be a nice QOL feature.

Don’t care DNA, as I am anyway going to de-lev them that means I don’t need the creature.
So no need DNA just give me those coins even if it’s half the coins. Please

Coins get eaten way too fast. I have to agree.

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I guess how wld this impact newer players who dont have so many lvl20 dinos? Wld it create the perception veteran players has an unfair advantage in this system?

This system wouldn’t be just for Lvl 20’s. I just used those as an example. You could de-level Level 11’s or even 10’s.

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Still not too sure, using Scorpius for e.g. if a player has leveled Gorgosaurus to lvl30, using this system, they can delevel it to base lvl and get a lot of gorgo dna within a short time to make Scorpius, so yea if i’m a new player, I wld see this as well and think is it a good system?

The thing about your argument is that Veteran players simply do have an unfair advantage just by virtue of having played the game for longer. That’s just what happens when you have a game that rewards you the longer you play.

Additionally, de-levelling a dino past fusion level will render it unable to fuse. Besides, perception of this system would most likely go the dame way as the Multi-Fuse System, where you don’t get access until Lvl 17. Sure, you might feel frustrated that you don’t have access, but that frustration very quickly disappears once you get access.


Yea my bad, can only delevel to 20 to be fusable. There is a thought as well players have to live with their decisions in lvling up a dino. So this kinda provides a way back from past decisions. Not saying this is good or bad, I mean personally I wld like to have the chance to earn more resources as well.

not necessarily. maybe you are new and leveled a velociraptor to something stupid high, like 27. de leveling to the min needed for indoraptor and Indominus getting some of the DNA back would be a very good thing

I think the biggest argument against this is that there isn’t much financial incentive for Ludia. Rather than getting DNA refunded, people would otherwise have to collect more, and they might pay money for darts and incubators to do this. The same goes for coins. Not to mention that de-leveling would also often require de-boosting (a level 22 can have 22 levels of boosts, but a level 21 can only have 21). The cost of de-leveling would have to be high enough for Ludia to still stand a chance of making some money in order for this system to be worth implementing for them.

Oh, I completely forgot about the problem of boosts (one of the many). Also, yeah, financial incentive and all is pretty major. I’d really hope that there isn’t a hard cash cost, but it might have to be there in order for this feature to actually exist.

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In a way this is also why I think frequent free boost resets are a bad idea.

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Didn’t understood yours point.

Even if I Lev up velo to Lev 27 I can still fuse both of the hybrid.

Wonder if we’re ever able to level up past 20?

I’d like to de-level a LOT of uniques I don’t plan on using anymore, so I’d be all for this.

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Just to remind ya one point that if this happens, donation process might be harmed a lot.

I have some dinos I kinda regret leveling up so I would love this feature

I’ve on a couple of occasions accidentally hit the GIANT

button and accidentally move Gyprosuchus up to level 21. I might actually de-level this one for the DNA and some coins.
I have to say this has helped in the weekend tournaments that have epics. The extra level and damage has helped for wins but I would have rather used the DNA for Grypolyth which has been useful for many of those trials towers.